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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Turbomaster
Function: Guide & Strategician
Year: 1992

The only airborne Turbomaster. Ruthless and without fear. Through his supertechnology, eavesdrops on Decpticon communications and predicts their evil plans. Uses an extra sense, "Dodge", to guide the Turbomaster ground team through danger. Feared and respected by even the most hardened Decepticon for his brilliance and speed.

Robot Mode: Rotorstorm makes for a tall, slender robot with dashing looks. His posability isn't all that good, but decent enough to allow for some dynamic poses. The two turbines form his helicopter mode become his weapons. The detailing of his face and the rest of the body is decent, if nothing special. All in all Rotorstorm makes for a good robot mode, slightly above average. The only minor flaw is the fact that his helicopter blades are a bit long hanging down his back, somewhat obstructing his leg movements (what few he is capable of).

Vehicle Mode: A mostly-blue helicopter with turbines, Rotorstorm gives a decent performance in vehicle mode. The turbines / missile launchers can either be folded up or to the sides in attack mode. I like the latter version better, the former looks a bit boxy. An all-around decent helicopter mode with no major flaws, the only complaint I do have is that they could have added some more detailing to make it appear less a toy-helicopter and more of an actual one.

Remarks: I can't really say all that much about Rotorstorm. Part of the European-exclusive Turbomaster line, he was reissued for the Universe line under the name Whirl. As a toy Rotorstorm is average, I'd say, decent but nothing special. If you can get him cheap and want to complete your G1 line he's good.

Rating: C
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