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with Caliburst

Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Commander
Year: 2010

With Caliburst by his side, Huffer is just as inclined to grumble as he's ever been, but he's also faster, stronger, and smarter, which means the Decepticons have a lot more to complain about than he does.

Robot Mode: Huffer is supposed to be a homage to his G1 counterpart. Though he's much more burly-looking and has changed quite a bit, any true Transformer fan can recognize him as Huffer. His detailing is alright and better in other areas than the rest. He is highly posable with THREE joints on the arms! The head, while a bit small for my liking, is very detailed and you can see the mouth. Oh, and NO backpack kibble!  I'd say the only flaw Huffer has is that his feet are little edges sticking out. Huffer’s robot mode get's a B+.

Vehicle Mode: Huffer transforms into a solid, but small truck without a trailer, again a homage to G1 Huffer, but back then, his cab was flat. There isn't really much to say about the truck. Sturdy, tiny, and decently detailed are all I can say. I'd wish I could rip the Power Core pegs of his legs, though because it looks quite strange. Overall, I think it could be much better, because the size of this is just miniscule. If you put Huffer next to even some Deluxe classes, he's like a midget compared to Godzilla. I'd give this tiny thing a C.

Partner / Add-On: Caliburst is one of the taller Mini-Cons and has nice articulation, too. He is armed with a large cannon that can be taken off if you wish, but leaves a big ball joint piece jutting out of his arm. He has an angry expression on his face due to the levels of detailing on his head. Though his body is colored to be a transparent sky blue, you can see the details (barely). Caliburst's gears are a nice addition that I like a lot. His first alternate mode is an arm cannon for Huffer and looks wholesome on him, though I wish the legs connected to each other. Next up is the truck's crane and it could also be called a turret. Now this is the best chest armor I've seen so far and is very solid looking, but looks better if you remove the cannon. Caliburst is my favorite mini-con mold so far for the PCC line and I can't wait to get his repaint Darkray. Though it would be great if he transformed into the trailer for the truck, little Caliburst here deserves a A-

Combination Mode: Huffer looks like the most solid torso from a distance, but really isn't. His arms just fold up and don't connect anywhere. Insteade of his legs getting longer, they grow shorter. HIs head is the best part, being that it looks so much like G1 Menasor. Really I don't care for this mode too much, but the fact that he resembles Menasor, I'll save him a C-

Remarks: Huffer made many appearances in season 1 of G1 and maybe a few in season 2, but never said much. The last time he was mentioned was in season 3 in the episode "Dark Awakening" when the Autobots were reading the graves of the fallen Autobots where he was mentioned. I'd say his most memorable parts are when he pulled Optimus Prime's trailer when he was injured. Now I think his repaint will be better as he'll be Crankcase. Crankcase with the Destrons or Stunticons I should say, would look nice on Crankcase because he'd be G1 Menasor. Huffer was a memorable character in G1 and since he's back, I'd give him a...

Rating: B-
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