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Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Ultra
Year: 2010

Grimstone has always dreamed of power and the privilege it brings. Despite his hunger for power, however, he has always considered the needs of others before himself. He believes it is the responsibility of the powerful to protect those less fortunate - a belief he intends to aggressively enforce now that he has his own Power Core team.

Prelude: Many thanks to BlackZarak, who loaned me Grimstone for this review.

Robot Mode: The name Grimstone immediately evokes the image of Grimlock, naturally, but even a brief glance shows that Grimstone doesn’t really resemble the original Dinobot leader much in robot mode. In fact, the Dinobot he most resembles is Snarl, I believe. So if you were hoping for a new version of Grimlock (not that we’re lacking Grimlock toys, really) you’ll be disappointed. Fans of Snarl, though, who are sick and tired of his name being given to new versions of Slag, should be able to rejoice.

Despite being a very stocky robot, Grimstone is pretty posable and not lacking in detailing, either. Also a definite plus: the blue Power Core connecting pieces are all on the back, so they’re safely out of sight (from the front at least). And while Grimstone does carry a bit of a backpack, it doesn’t hinder him any. He doesn’t carry any weapons with him, so he only has those blasters on his shoulders for armaments, but they can’t flip forward, sadly. Still, the Power Core line is all about everything being interchangeable, so he can borrow a Minicon from one of his peers, no doubt.

Not much more I can write here. A good, solid robot mode that isn’t exactly spectacular, but doesn’t have any flaws worth mentioning, either.

Beast Mode: According to the back of his package, Grimstone transforms into a Triceratops, the beast mode made famous by Slag. It’s not a Triceratops, though, missing the characteristic horns on his forehead. The closest match would be the Styracosaurus with the bony crest on the back of his head. He does in no way resemble a Tyrannosaurus Rex, just so you know.

Species classification aside, the dinosaur looks pretty decent and has four more or less articulate legs, so no complaints on that part. The detailing is pretty strong here, too, especially the golden dino head with the silver crest looks fabulous. The two guns from the robot mode become the tusks here and Grimstone has a Minicon port on the end of his tail, so he can fasten a weapon-mode Minicon here if he needs more firepower. All in all, a very nice dinosaur mode, no complaints.

Partners / Add-Ons: Grimstone comes with his own force of four drones, all of which resemble dinosaurs, naturally. There is a Pachycephalusaurus drone (the one with the metal hat), an Ankylosaurus drone (the one with the morning star at the end of his tail), a Parasaurolophus drone (the one with the yellow horn on the back of his head), and finally a Dimetrodon drone (big spine sail on his back). Little side note: none of the species that are represented among the original G1 Dinobots are present here.

All four drone dinosaurs look pretty great and feature detailing at a level that’s really amazing considering their size. All of them carry arms, too, and look far more dangerous in terms of firepower than their leader Grimstone. Articulation is pretty much zero, of course, or merely incidental as it pertains to the auto-transformation into limbs. Still, among the best-looking drones in the entire Power Core line-up and certainly the most detailed.

Power Core Mode: Like all PCC figures (that aren’t Minicons) Grimstone, too, can transform into the torso of a larger combiner robot. And while the connector pieces are, of course, universal and allow Grimstone to combine with any of the Power Core drones, his very singular look among his peers means that only the combination with his own team of four drones looks good. I tried several others and didn’t even bother putting them on photo; they just looked completely off to me.

Grimstone in Power Core Mode looks like some kind of Aztec fable warrior, what with his big golden helmet, the various dinosaur pieces that look like ceremonial battle armour, and the almost regal air he has. Articulation is standard for a Power Core Combiner, no surprises or disappointments here. Just one thing that’s a little off-putting: while his drone limbs are bristling with weapons, practically none of them are positioned so that he can actually use them in this mode to fire forward. That’s just a little thing, though. Overall: the best-looking of the Power Core Combiners in this mode by far. Really cool!

Remarks: Whether you like Grimstone or not largely depends, I think, on what you expected going in. If you were looking for a combiner made from everyone’s favourite G1 Dinobots, then you probably ended up disappointed. Grimstone is not a combiner of the G1 Dinobots. He is a robot that looks like Snarl, transforms into a dinosaur somewhat like Slag, has a name that sounds similar to Grimlock, and combines with four drones into a vaguely Aztec-looking robot. And he does it very, very well, I might add. But he’s not a Dinobot combiner.

So that’s my verdict, basically. Grimstone works very well if you take him as a Power Core Combiner that pays slight homage to the Dinobots. He looks great, he has a fantastic combination mode, and even the four drones show a lot of love for detail. Me, I love this guy. But he’s not a Dinobot combiner. Just so you know.

Rating: A-
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