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Series: Sports Label
Allegiance: Destron
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: This version of the Destron leader leaves little doubt about his alt mode. He's a shell former and numerous parts of the shoe mode are hanging off his body. And if you had any doubts left, he has the Nike symbol on his chest and Nike sneakers on his feet. Now while I have a hard time picturing Megatron putting on sneakers, it's a fun idea and the execution is well done. Posability-wise Megatron has some problems, the knees especially don't bend as much as they could because of the hang-on parts, but that's not a big fault. Weapon-wise Megatron carries a rifle that is stored in two parts in the shoe parts standing up from his shoulders. The shoe laces of the shoe mode hang off his shoulders, too, and one could imagine them as whip-like weapons. All in all a well-done robot mode with some fun details.

Alternate Mode: Megatron transforms into a Nike Free 7.0 sneaker. The shoe looks pretty realistic, down to the point where you're actually surprised that you're touching hard plastic instead of softer fabric. It looks that realistic, even including real shoe laces. Of course the shoe is a bit too small, even a small child would have trouble putting it on (if it could be put on, that is), but I guess the Transformers have mass-shifting technology to take care of that one. All in all a great-looking alt mode, even if one has to wonder what the advantages of transforming into a shoe are.

Remarks: Under the new line "Sports Label" we get the Transformers leaders Megatron and Optimus Prime / Convoy in the form of Nike shoes. One has to leave aside the question of whether or not it makes sense to transform into a shoe in order to appreciate this figure. The alt mode is extremely well done, the look is perfect. The robot mode is a shell-former with numerous parts of the alt mode hanging off the figure, but it still looks pretty good and offers a fair amount of detailing and articulation. So unless you don't like nonsense alt modes or can't stand Megatron wearing sneakers, this figure is worth getting.

Rating: B+
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