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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Human Alliance
Year: 2009

Barricade and Frenzy have worked together for centuries. They are a perfect partnership, designed for one purpose - to hunt down and destroy whatever target Megatron assigns to them. Frenzy has a hyperactive hunger for information, which he uses to guide the relentless pursuit at which Barricade specializes.

Robot Mode: Barricade's basic design in robot mode hasn't changed all that much from his original Deluxe incarnation, though he is now at a Voyager / Alternator scale. He still has the standard hood-as-chest design, the sides of the car form his arms and the rear forms the legs. The increase in size has given him better detailing, though, as well as improved posability and a somewhat more movie-accurate look.

Barricade has also improved in terms of weapons. Whereas the first Barricade only had his snap-out claw for arms, the Human Alliance version has much more to offer. Apart from the snap-out claw, which is improved by a wheel with spinning blades that can double as fingers, Barricade now has two guns he can unfold from his hip, as well as a triple-barreled gun on his right shoulder. Also, he now has an actual hand on his right arm. And you know I'm a sucker for hands.

The only slight drawback I can find on this figure is the design of his hip, more specifically the way his legs are attached. The oddly angled attachment doesn't impede him any in a standing pose, but running poses are a bit more difficult to establish, as Barricade tends to get a bit x-legged here. It's not a big thing and easily fixed, but it did bother me a bit. Apart from that, though, a pretty neat robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Barricade still transforms into a black police car, of course, and except for the increase in size and some minor details it's pretty much identical to the vehicle mode of his Deluxe incarnation. From the outside, at least. What Human Alliance Barricade has, of course, is an actual interior. Open the car doors and you find two actual seats, where the Frenzy figure can sit (see below). There is a steering wheel and a dashboard as well. No rear seats, but that would probably have been impossible. The robot legs have to go somewhere, after all. So all in all a very, very nice vehicle mode. No complaints at all.

Partner: Just like in his Deluxe days Barricade is partnered with a Frenzy figure. Frenzy is actually smaller here than he was when he came with the Deluxe figure, but he is far more detailed, more posable, and looks a whole lot better. Frenzy can drive Barricade in vehicle mode, taking a seat behind the wheel, which he can actually take in his hands. In robot mode Frenzy has two options. He can either fold together and fit inside Barricade's chest, from where he can emerge to handle Barricade's hip guns. The second option is for him to use the car seat that is part of Barricade's right arm and man his triple-barreled gun, but in order for that to work Barricade has to fold up his right arm in a somewhat strange way, so personally I prefer the first option.

Bottom line here: This is the best version of Frenzy I've seen yet. He beats out the Fast Action Battler and the Deluxe figure add-on by a long shot.

Remarks: Though Barricade has not appeared in the Revenge of the Fallen movie itself, he is represented in the toyline in several incarnations. As a matter of fact he is the only Decepticon currently present in the Human Alliance line, which is only logical seeing as there aren't that many Decepticons allied with human beings (Dr. Arkeville has yet to appear in the Movieverse). Barricade isn't either, of course, but Frenzy is at least built to human scale (in the movie, I mean), so he gets to fill the place usually filled by a human driver. Barricade and Frenzy were probably the Decepticons with the most screen time in the first movie, so it's nice to see them back together here, even though Frenzy is definitely dead.

So what can I say about this toy? Not much, except that it's easily the best Barricade figure yet. There are some minor things that could have been improved, such as the leg-hip attachment, but overall I'm very much satisfied. Barricade is the only Human Alliance figure I've bought so far (I got two others as presents) and I don't regret it for a second. So in my mind, if you're going to buy just one Human Alliance figure for some reason, I recommend it be Barricade.

Rating: A-


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