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Series: Music Label
Allegiance: Destron
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: As robots Frenzy & Rumble are identical except for their colouring. Both are mostly white, but Frenzy has blue highlights, while Rumble has red one. This is the same colour scheme as the original figures, whereas the colours were reversed in the cartoon (Rumble blue, Frenzy red). Anyway, as robots go the two are okay, but little more than that. Their legs are surprisingly posable for two such little guys, but the arms are pretty restricted, giving them the overall look of big eggs on legs. It's nice that they have a robot mode, but it's clearly subserviant to their alternate mode.

Alternate Mode: Frenzy & Rumble transform into earphones that can be used with every standard music player, but are of course meant to be used in conjunction with Music Label Soundwave. The ear phones are pretty big, not simple small earplugs, and are fixed to the ears with black binders. They are connected via white wire, which can be wound up by pressing the Decepticon logo on the centerpiece. The earphones work fine, but are a bit too big for my taste and I don't like the kind with binders.

Remarks: If you have Soundwave as a functioning MP3-Player, the question remains how to include Soundwave's trusty cassette bots. Having them transform into SD cards or something similiar was pretty much out from the start, so what remains? Earphones, of course. Enter Frenzy & Rumble. The two little guys are fun and a very nice extra for Music Label Soundwave, but that's pretty much all they are. An extra. Buying them on their own wouldn't work for me, I think. So bottom line, they are good, but need Soundwave to really work. Which is pretty much how it went with the G1 figures, too.

Rating: B-
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