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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Deluxe
Function: Defense
Year: 1996

The ground shakes with a terrible thunder as jungle trees snap like twigs. The noise draws closer in a cloud of dust and dirt. A herd of stampeding elephants? No, it's Rhinox, defending his territory from Predacon attackers! Courageous and cunning, has never backed down from battle, nor been injured in any way. Not even double-barreled laser cannons can cut through his triple-thick, steel-plated skin. If he comes your way, run for cover, fast!

Robot Mode: There is no denying it, Rhinox is a shell-former. Most of his beast mode is a shell that hangs off his robot mode in various parts. It gives him a massive look, though, and emphasizes his strength. He looks somewhat lighter and plainer than he did in the TV series and his weapons are a bit off, too. All in all, though, he is still a good Beast Wars figure with great posability and a good stand-in for a very likeable TV character.

Beast Mode: Hardly surprising that a robot called Rhinox becomes a rhinoceros. The beast mode is mostly a shell that folds around the robot, but it does a pretty good job. There is little in the way of play value here, but the look is solid. A decent beast mode.

Remarks: Rhinox was one of the mainstays of the Beast Wars cast and one of only very few who was never upgraded in the course of the series (though he did get a Transmetal version that never appeared on TV). He remained as he is from episode 1 right through to the finale and was also one of the most likeable characters of them all. He later reappeared in Beast Machines as the evil Tankor. Now, the figure as such isn't among the best Beast Wars offered and there are some differences in regard to the TV version, but it's still a decent toy, if a bit plain, and any serious Beast Wars collector needs the original Rhinox to complete his collection. So here he is.

Rating: B-
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