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Series: Buzzworthy Bumblebee
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2022

Prelude: It used to be a rather common occurrence that the Transformers toys you could buy in stores would look somewhat different than the characters from TV they were supposed to portray. By the time Beast Wars rolled around this trend was on its last leg, but still: some Beast Wars figures still looked different. Case in point, Terrorsaur, who was not only pretty small, but had a different paint job, too. Kingdom Terrorsaur brought us the first screen-accurate Terrrosaur, but now Buzzworthy Bumblebee gives us the same figure in the colors of the old 1996 toy. Which one looks better? Let’s say go!

Differences: We will only look at the differences here, since I already did a full review for this figure’s Kingdom version. BuBuBee Terrorsaur faithfully recreates the paintjob of the 1996 figure. He is still mostly red (though a slightly brighter red than the Kingdom version), but eschews the silver in favor of dark blue highlights. This includes his head, with his helmet now being mostly blue instead of red. He also has a sprinkling of green spots across his chest in robot mode and his back in beast mode. His gun and arm blades are red now instead of silver. Finally, the beak of his beast mode is now red as well, not yellow. All in all a near-perfect recreation of the paintjob of 1996 Terrorsaur. Very nice.

Remarks: Toys are becoming more and more faithful to the way they look on TV (or the movie screen), sometimes to the detriment of the playability of the figure in question, but that is another discussion. Now it has been a thing for Takara’s Masterpiece line, as well as some third party companies, to bring out toy-color versions of certain figures for a while now. But now that trend has reached Hasbro as well, who has already given us several toy-color versions in their Buzzworthy Bumblebee line.

I haven’t been a fan of this trend, to be honest, until I saw BuBuBee Terrorsaur. While I love the Kingdom version, the toy colors just look so much better on this guy. It’s a subjective opinion, naturally, but in this case I really couldn’t resist and had to get him despite already owning Kingdom Terrorsaur. Side note: the full name of this figure is actually Buzzworthy Bumblebee Evil Predacon Terrorsaur, but that is quite a mouthful, so I hope you are okay with me shortening it to BuBuBee Terrorsaur.

Now I do not recommend getting both versions of this guy to anyone who isn’t at least as much of a Beast Wars nut as I am, but unless you put a very strong emphasis on the figure looking exactly like on TV, I do recommend getting this version of Terrorsaur. He is glorious!

Rating: A
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