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Series: Star Wars Crossover
Allegiance: Other Villain
Year: 2007

The Republic gunship sweeps across Geonosis, blasting the Separatist forces with a barrage of missiles! The clone pilot lands in the middle of a fierce battle between droids and clone troppers, and converts the gunship into a heavily armed ground fighter that goes straight for droids!

Robot Mode: The clone pilot robot does manage to look pretty spiffy, but comes with a small set of problems that drag it down. First off, it is somewhat misproportioned. The spindly little legs are really too thin to properly support the big upper body, especially if you add in the huge wings and backpack he carries. It makes posing him difficult (though possible). Second, the arm movement is pretty restricted at the shoulders, both because of those strange globe things and because the shoulder joints themselves will pop off if you twist them too far.

One other thing that bothered me a bit, though I wouldn't count it as an actual flaw, is that the clone pilot can not leave his two big rifles on his back (the spot where they are in vehicle mode) without mishaping the entire figure. In order to function properly the wings have to fold back, closing the spots where the rifles should be. Again, more of a bother than a real flaw. Apart from the restrictions I mentioned posability is decent and the detailing on the figure is good, if nothing extraordinary. So to bottom line it, a decent robot, but with quite a bit of room for improvement.

Alternate Mode: In gunship mode this toy looks pretty nice, a good cross between a modern-day troop carrier helicopter and a science fiction vehicle. The gunship carries two blasters in the nose, as well as the big missile launchers on its back. Again, I could have done without those small globes on either sides (if I remember my Episode II right they were weapon pods of some kind), they look kinda out of place and are pretty redundant. The back of the gunship features a black antenna thing, not sure if it's really supposed to be an antenna or another gun. The gunship's cockpit can be opened to insert the small clone pilot figure, which for once fits snugly inside without banging around. So all in all a good vehicle mode with a few minor things that could have been done better.

Remarks: The Republic gunship made its debut in Episode II of the Star Wars movies, bringing the first batch of clone troopers into the fray and firing the opening shot of the Clone Wars. Having it transform into a clone trooper / pilot was the natural choice, of course. Yoda rode one of these things, too, but I can't see him transform into it. Just doesn't work for me (then again, what vehicle mode would work for Yoda?). Anyway, the gunship looks pretty good in vehicle mode and the robot mode is decent, but there are quite a few design problems that drag this toy down considerably. In the end I'll call him average with a little plus because I really like the gunship vehicle mode. Definitely not a must-have, but okay.

Rating: C+
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