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Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Convention Exclusive
Year: 2008

Destroy it with style or don't bother destroying it at all!
Autobot Jazz and his brother Ricochet serve as Optimus Prime's powerful and merciless bodyguards. While the Seeker unit is designed to hunt down and destroy targets, Jazz and Ricochet stay with Optimus Prime to protect him against any and all threats. Jazz is one of Optimus Prime's most loyal and trusted aides. He only wishes to serve the glorious future that Optimus has laid out for the Autobots and he is completely convinced of his cause. Recently Jazz intercepted a series of transmissions from a planet called Earth. While garbled, he managed to decode and translate just enough to become enamored with the planet's culture. As a result he gave himself a new design pattern with his own special modifications. Everything he does has to be with style, from talking to simply transforming. While Optimus Prime finds this behavior strange, he allows Jazz some latitude from standard Autobot military practice as long as he remains loyal to him.

Remarks: Jazz is a repaint of Galaxy Force Autovolt, so look there for the full review. Here's just some words on the differences. The Autovolt mold was a good choice for Jazz, no doubt it, though personally I'd have loved to see him as the pimped-up ride the Downshift figure transforms into. Still, a good choice. So if you've got Autovolt, Smokescreen, Shattered Glass Ricochet and Movie Jolt, you can now put five of these guys in a row. Nah, just kidding. I only got three so far and I doubt I'll get Ricochet. Jolt is a possibility, though.

Anyway, about the figure. You get the classic Jazz head on top of the familiar body and the two combine very well. Jazz carries his G1 colours, but with a few little twists here and there. It now says "Massacre Racing" on his sides and the words "Kill to win" are added on the fenders. Also, the face seems... grouchy somehow. So not a bad look overall. Maybe some darker colours would have underscored the "evil" thing a bit more than those phrases he sports, but all in all he's still got a very nice look.

I don't think Jazz said so much as a single word in the Shattered Glass comic, he and his brother Ricochet were just standing beside Prime as his bodyguards, that was it. Still, I love Jazz so seeing an evil double of him is quite entertaining. Of course the figure itself is pretty good, no doubt about it, and the repaint coupled with the new head makes for a good Jazz. So except for some more "evil" vibes, absolutely nothing to complain about here. Recommended.

Rating: B+
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