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Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Year: 1994

When you least expect it, expect me!
Streaks in from excessive altitudes while cloaked in stealth armor. Bombs Autobot strongholds without ever being detected. Separates into Smokescreen jet fighter and armored tank to enhance destructive capabilities. As robot - or plane - the giant Gatling gun blasts a multitude of missiles at enemy forces while jet fighter enters dogfights with wing-mounted launchers. Impossible to shoot down; you can't hit what you can't see!

Robot Mode: Dreadwing (the bigger robot) has a sumo-wrestler like quality to him, looking massive and powerful and having a dome-shaped head. His armored forearms, stumpy legs, and massive shoulder cannon (which can shoot little red missiles if you have them) only add to that look. He is also quite posable, especially for a Transformer from that time. All in all a great robot.

The smaller robot, Smokescreen, is almost Dreadwing's physical opposite. Small and lean where he is big and massive, it has an almost feminie quality to it. Smokescreen is also quite the contortionist, able to move and pose almost at will. A nice feature is that he/she can hold the rifle with both hands like a soldier.

Vehicle Mode: Dreadwing transforms into a tank-like vehicle, but looks too much like a wingless-jet in the process, so I don't much like this mode. Smokescreen transforms into a small jet with very narrow wings, but manages to retain the sleek look from the robot mode. The pair truly shines, though, when they combine in their stealth bomber mode. Linking up almost flawlessly you might mistake them for a single toy at first glance. Of course you can also detach Smokescreen and have two jets at once. Either way they make great aircraft.

Mising Parts: Dreadwing came with 12 red missiles for his huge missile launcher, but I lost those somewhere along the way. Robot Master Gigant Bomb lent some of his for these pictures.

Remarks: Among the mediocre G2 line of Transformer toys Dreadwing truly shines. Good looks, good posability, three modes of transformation, it all fits together into a very nice package. One of the few Transformers I bought directly in the USA on holiday there, it is also one of only two (the other being Fortress Maximus) who survived my late teen purges instead of being newly bought in present times. I will never surrender this one.

Rating: A


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