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Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Legends
Year: 2017

Robot Mode: Kickback is a highly articulated little robot, who can strike all sorts of cool poses, made even cooler by the fact that he has wings. The traditional Insecticon colors of black and dark purple with yellow highlights still look pretty cool three decades later, so no complaints on that front, either. Kickback carries a bit of a backpack, but it doesn’t really hinder him any.

My one complaint with this figure here is just the lack of a weapon. I know most of the current Legends-Class figures don’t get those, but I don’t have to like it. Otherwise, though, no complaints. Good figure, easy character recognition, and while there is nothing particularly exciting here, neither is there anything wrong.

Alternate Mode: A grasshopper serves as Kickback’s alternate mode. The little bug looks good and while no one will mistake him for a natural grasshopper, he still conveys the image pretty nicely. Like most of the Titans Returns Legends-Class figures he has a cockpit for a Titan Master figure... well, sort of. He flips open the yellow canopy on his back and a Titan Master can sit there, but only the legs fit inside. Still, probably better this way than trying to design the figure in such a way that a Titan Master can fit entirely inside, not sure how that could have worked. So overall a nice insect mode with no flaws worth mentioning. Articulation remains good, the wings can move, everything holds together nicely. No complaints.

Remarks: Kickback is the third wheel… eh, I mean, third member of the Insecticons. Let’s face it, when one of your comrades can control electricity and summon lightning bolts, while the other can shoot mind-controlling shells, your ability to kick real hard isn’t, how shall I put it, the most impressive thing ever. Kickback doesn’t even have a memorable speech impediment to make him stand out any. So yeah, he’s the third Insecticon. Whether Bombshell or Shrapnel is the first is debatable, but Kickback is definitely the third.

Like Bombshell, I got Kickback as a present from my honorary nephew, James Jr., the spawn of CakedUp, which gives him some bonus points. Overall I was never the biggest fan of the Insecticons, but seeing as I got two of three in Legends-Class form now, I will probably get the third one, too (unless CakedUp II: The Sequel gifts that one to me as well). So overall a good little figure. Nothing spectacular, but good.

Rating: B-
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