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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Pretender
Year: 1989

The greatest truths lie at the greatest depths
Amphibious assault warrior. Patrols the murky ocean depths, defending underwater installations. Huge webbed feet enable him to swim at over 30 knots. Giant fang-like tusks can be used to shred metal like paper. Electronic eye equipped with advanced sensor, infra-red firing scope and heat and light sensors. Armed with searing ionic field generator. Also armed with plasma cannon in robot mode. Specially reinforced ecto-suit can withstand underwater depths up to 300 feet.

Robot Mode: In his Pretender shell Longtooth resembles a walrus walking upright with a bionic eye and some pieces of armour. He looks pretty cool, but like all Pretender shells his movement is restricted to his arms. The inner robot is pretty small, but manages to have some detailing and posability despite that. The robot doesn't look spectacular in any way, but decent. Still, Longtooth looks better inside his shell.

Vehicle Mode: Longtooth transforms into what is supposed to be an amphibious vehicle. It does kinda look like a boat with wheels, though it's a bit strange that the vehicle itself only has wheels on the front, not the back. The rear wheels are provided by an extra part, which serves both as the vehicles rear end and as a backpack for the Pretender shell. With or without that part, though, as vehicle modes go it's pretty forgettable, like most Pretender vehicle modes.

Remarks: There is very little that makes Longtooth stand out among the mediocrity that was Generation 1 during that time. The Pretender shell looks good, but the rest is pretty forgettable. Longtooth played a small part in the G1 comic series, having been given a piece of the Creation Matrix to heal a friend, but keeping it to himself instead. The guilt he felt over that would follow him around for a long time. As a toy, though, Longtooth is average at best. Only for Pretender fans.

Rating: C
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