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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Turbomaster
Year: 1992

Give it all you've got. There may not be a tomorrow.
Brilliant analyst. Super intelligent. Pins his defence plans down to the minutest detail. Almost clairvoyant in his forward thinking. As vehicle, rear facing turbine elevates for all round defence power. As robot, an imposing turbo-armed figure on the battlefield.

Robot Mode: In many ways Hurricade is a typical figure from his time. A blocky robot with no lower-body articulation and sharing a gimmick with several other figures. In this case the gimmick is called Turbomaster, meaning he carries a big turbine-like weapons that shoots yellow missiles. Hurricane can move his arms, a little, and that’s it, just enough to actually aim his weapon.

Look-wise, though, he does pretty good. Mostly white, he has multiple colored highlights and that pinkish-red chest plate of his works pretty well here. The head is nicely sculpted and he fits in well with the other Turbomasters, so no complaints here. Bottom line, a fully average figure for its time and a good-looking Turbomaster robot.

Alternate Modes: Hurricane transforms into a "Le Mans"-style racer loosely based on a Porsche 917. It’s mostly white with the pinkish-red windshield and some colored details, plus of course the Turbomaster turbine sitting in the back. Colored black this car would make an excellent Batmobile, I think. The spare yellow missiles attach to the rear ‘fins’ of the car and the whole thing looks pretty sleek and fast. The turbine can elevate slightly in order to fire at things behind and lightly above the car, but that’s pretty much it in form of gimmicks here. So overall a nice, good looking car mode. Nothing spectacular, but good.

Remarks: In 1992 the Transformers were already over in the United States, but still going strong in Europe and Japan. In Europe the good guys were now called Turbomasters, brightly colored car robots with missile-shooting turbines, who fought against the evil Predators and, at least according to their profile texts, were all one hundred percent brilliant, utterly badass and pretty much invincible with no flaws or weaknesses whatsoever.

Hurricane is the final Turbomaster who was still missing from my collection. Is he a great toy? Certainly not. He's average for his time. But I’m a big fan of the European exclusive figures, they hold a special place on my heart. Objectively, though, I can only recommend this figure to European G1 enthusiasts like myself and those looking to complete their Turbomaster collection.

Rating: C+
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