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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Basic Omnicon
Year: 2003

Prelude: Fifteen years ago I reviewed a figure called Strongarm from the 2007 Movie line. I was aware that it was a repaint, yes, but I was kind of in a Movie frenzy back then. Anyway, today we are looking at the original Strongarm from Energon in all his Omnicon glory. Fifteen years ago I gave him a B. Will he score better today? Let’s say go!

Robot Mode: Strongarm is a Basic-sized robot (later called Scout Class and not really all that much smaller than today’s Deluxe class) with a very stocky build and huge shoulders. He is mostly yellow and a dark blue that looks almost black. His articulation is pretty awesome, including a turning head, a twisting hip, moveable ‘toes’ (the windshields of the car mode) and the arrangement of the shoulders allows for lots of movement there, too. It’s a bit tricky at first to get the feet stable, due to the windshield-feet, but overall Strongarm is a pretty amazing robot. I especially like the head mold, which features a very nicely-sculpted face.

He also comes with a very cool Energon weapon. A rifle / crane that he can hold in hand or mount on his shoulders combines with two halves of an Energon disc into a mighty battle axe. Thanks to his awesome articulation, Strongarm can wield it in all sorts of cool battle poses. Very nicely done. As an Omincon, he also comes with a red Energon Star that can be fastened to his chest. So bottom line: a great robot mode with only a few slight points deducted for the not entirely stable feet.

Alternate Mode: Strongarm transforms into a futuristic-looking open jeep. Everything folds together very nicely and even from the underside you barely see any robot parts (except the hands). The jeep’s windshield can be folded down, the interior shows two seats, and the Energon weapon can be stored here as well. The Energon disc becomes a spare wheel on the back, the rifle / crane can be mounted on top. The Energon Star can be mounted here as well, though it does interfere with the rollbar a bit.

Bottom line: a very nice, solid vehicle mode. Nothing spectacular, but well done.

Remarks: In the Energon cartoon (and comic books), the Omnicons were specialist Autobots responsible for mining raw Energon and forging it into weapons and Energon Stars. Strongarm (or rather, the many Strongarms) appeared throughout the cartoon whenever Energon was to be mined or refined. The comics just featured a single Strongarm, one of a team of Autobots created by Overrun to, you guessed it, deal with raw Energon.

While Strongarm’s role(s) in the cartoon and comic weren’t exactly spectacular, he is a good, solid Basic-class toy, carrying one of the coolest Energon weapons ever. Most of the Energon Basic toys gave you a whole lot of play value for very little money and Strongarm is no exception. A very good, well-made figure. Not spectacular and the feet could be a tad better, but otherwise: fully recommended.

Rating: B+
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