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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Pretender
Year: 1988

The greater the foe, the sweeter his fuel!
A vicious, vile automated vampire! Enjoys swooping down on unsuspecting Autobots and using his serrated metallic fangs to drain the fuel from his victims. Specially-textured outer shell causes rust rash on contact. Blinded by bright sunlight. The ultimate terror in darkness. Without shell, transforms into a vertical take-off and landing hover jet with dual lasers. Within shell, armed with corrosive slime shooter and armor-piercing battle axe!

Robot Mode: In his Pretender shell Bomb-Burst appears as a sort of humanoid vampire bat. Now don't get me started on that. A Pretender shell is supposed to be camouflage, so why make it look like something that will send most people running? Whatever. The shell looks fittingly demonic, but its posability is restricted to the shoulders, like with all Pretender shells. The detailing on it is quite good and the weapons fit it well, but still, it's barely more than a brick.

The robot inside is actually one of the better Pretender robots. It is pretty posable, the detailing is decent, and with his two big guns attached to the arms he looks armed and dangerous. The odd face colour doesn't quite fit him, but apart from that there is little to complain about. So to sum it up, a standard Pretender shell with a slightly above-standard Pretender robot inside.

Alternate Mode: Bomb-Burst has the standard Pretender-transformation, meaning he basically just folds in half and that's it. In this form he's supposed to a be futuristic VTOL-hoverjet. Well, with a little imagination he could be. The rifles on his sides provide the wings and a tiny little vertical fin flips out from the back of his head. Not the worst vehicle mode among the Pretenders, but not a particularly good one, either.

Remarks:Why do I keep acquiring Pretenders for my collection? I really don't like the gimmick. My excuses this time are that Bomb-Burst came relatively cheap and that he was one of the Pretenders who made an appearance in the Japanese-excklusive Masterforce TV series. He was the leader of the Destron Pretenders, actually. Apart from that, though, there is little about him that is worth any praise. He's a bit above-average for a Pretender because of his posability, but that's about it. So unless you love the Pretenders or, like me, try to get a complete cast for every TV series, Bomb-Burst might not be for you.

Rating: C
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