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Series: Last Knight Premier Edition
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2017

Robot Mode: Sqweeks is not your average Transformers robot, that much is for sure. Despite being Deluxe-class, he is rather small, has a huge head, wheels for legs, and no arms to speak of. Articulation is, of course, somewhat limited, seeing as the figure doesn’t really have much in the ways of limbs. Some streaks of badly applied brown paint make him look rusted if you don’t look too closely and his entire design screams that he is the cute little kid-friendly robot. Well, until you get to the huge gun, but more on that later.

As mentioned above, Sqweeks is a bit short of arms and hands. He uses the handlebars from his scooter mode as “hands” (and no, they don’t actually become the scooter’s handlebars when transformed), but he comes with a big extra arm (apparently salvaged from a dead Decepticon), which he can plug into his short stubby arm. He also comes with a huge gun which he can either plug in or hold by way of his big extra arm.

The figure also comes with a big extra module that serves as a trailer in vehicle mode, but can be worn as a backpack here. Two panels can fold up from the module, giving Sqweeks something akin to shoulder-mounted weapons. So bottom line: Sqweeks certainly isn’t a standard-type robot, but he looks and is fun.

Alternate Mode: Sqweeks transforms into a blue scooter (no, not the one from Gobots) and does a very good job here. Okay, there is a bit of cheating going on, as the robot mode head does not become the handlebar, nor do his eyes become the headlights. The robot mode head vanishes into the seat and everything else folds together very nicely, so there are no visible robot bits. Just like in robot mode, the vehicle’s “rust” also consists of baldy applied brown paint, but points for effort.

The scooter has a stand and a trailer coupling for towing the trailer / backpack / repair bay (see below). In theory Sqweeks is big enough in this mode to seat a Deluxe-class figure, but given that the handlebars are basically at the same height as the seat, it kind of looks a bit funny. Overall, though, a nice vehicle mode. No complaints.

Add-Ons: Sqweeks comes with an extra module that serves as a backpack in robot mode, a trailer in vehicle mode, and opens up into a small repair bay. Not really that small, though, as it’s surprisingly big considering how small the trailer is. The bay easily fits Sqweeks in vehicle or robot mode, has a tool box (where his extra arms fits nicely), and a big repair arm. The big gun can be mounted on top if you like. The sculpted detailing looks pretty good, too. It’s not the most intricate “base mode” ever, mind you, but considering the size, it’s pretty amazing.

Remarks: I still haven’t watched the Last Knight movie, so in regards to Sqweeks’ role, I only know what little I saw in the trailers and read on TFWiki. Apparently he is a cute little robot who befriends a cute little girl whose purpose in the movie I am not really clear on. He pulls a Wreck-Gar, using junk to replace a torn-off arm. His voice processor is damaged (now where have I seen that before?), so he can only speak one word: Chihuahua! I assume someone thought that to be quite charming. During the final battle he used his huge super gun to destroy a Decepticon weapon emplacement, thereby helping the good guys win the day. I guess Bumblebee has murdered a few too many people by now to still be the child-relatable character, so Sqweeks now holds that job, at least for one movie.

Cinematic atrocities aside Sqweeks is a pretty good figure, if for no other reason than that he is quite different from the norm. The robot mode is a bit limited, yes, but the add-ons more than make up for that. All in all he is a fun toy. Certainly not a must-have, but good. Recommended to everyone who can overlook the fact that he starred in a Bay movie featuring Marky Mark and a drunk Merlin.

Rating: B+
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