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Series: Last Knight Premier Edition
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2017

Prelude: Grimlock here is a repaint of Age of Extinction Voyager-Class Grimlock, whom I have previously reviewed. So this review will focus on the differences only. Many thanks to Hasbro Germany for sending me this figure for an early review.

Remarks: The standard Voyager-class Grimlock figure for the Age of Extinction toy line was not a bad toy, but the coloring was a bit strange and did not really resemble the robot we saw in the movie. Now, though, we have the figure in a combination of dark grey and bright silver, which is a much closer match and generally looks better, too. The figure is unchanged apart from the new paint job, but it really does make a positive difference.

For all that he was heavily hyped for Age of Extinction and received numerous figures in the toy line, Grimlock’s actual screen time in the movie was, shall we say, rather limited. We do know, however, that he will return in the Last Knight, seeing as he already featured in one of the trailers. So maybe he will have a larger role this time than simply serving as Optimus’ steed? We shall see. As for the toy, if you already got a version of Grimlock from the movies, you don’t really need yet another one, but if you haven’t, this one here is a good choice.

Rating: B
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