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Series: Last Knight Premier Edition
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2017

Prelude: Many thanks to Hasbro Germany for sending me this figure for an early review. Oh, and it’s nice to see that we are getting Deluxe figures in boxes instead of on cards. I always liked boxes better than cards for some reason.

Robot Mode: Berserker is clearly meant to be the same character (or type of disposable Decepticon soldier) as Dark of the Moon Crankcase or, as he and his guys were known in the movie, the ‘Dreads’. He’s got the familiar Predator-style dreadlocks and face mask, plus the general beastly look, which includes clawed hands and goat-like legs. A very nice look overall.

Much like another type of disposable Decepticon soldier, the RID Vehicon, Berserker manages to mostly hide his vehicle parts in robot mode, at least when looking at him from the front. He’s got most of the car shell on his back, except for the fenders on his forearm and the wheels on his hips and feet. His articulation isn’t hindered by any of it, he can move just fine and his stance is surprisingly stable given his goat-legs and relatively small feet / hooves.

For weapons Berserker comes with two spiked maces made from some sort of rubbery stuff. Hard plastic would have been a bit better, they are already a bit bent out of shape. Berserker can hold the maces in hand or store them on his back. So overall a very nice robot mode with a very unique look and, in my opinion, a superior figure to Crankcase.

Alternate Mode: Berserker transforms into a black Chevrolet Suburban, the type of car US federal agencies always seem to be driving in movies and crime serials, complete with police lights on top. The transformation isn’t terribly difficult, but getting the various plates along the sides to align right and peg into each other correctly is a special kind of hell. Once done the car looks pretty good, though, if a bit plain, and you can store Berserker’s maces underneath. So bottom line: not a spectacular vehicle mode by any means, but perfectly fine.

Remarks: The so-called ‘Dreads’ were Decepticon red shirts in Dark of the Moon, their main purpose to appear in a highway chase action scene which ended with them being gunned down by Ironhide and Sideswipe. We got one of them, Crankcase, as a toy in the DotM toy line, actually one of the better figures of that line. Now the Dreads return in the form of Berserker, who looks rather similar to Crankcase, yes, but is a completely new mold and, in my opinion, a better figure, too.

We shall see whether Berserker will have a larger role in the upcoming movie (I doubt it, to be honest), but the figure is a perfectly fine Deluxe-class figure. It’s not revolutionary or spectacular, but it’s got a unique look and no real flaws. So if you liked the Dreads in movie 3 or are simply a fan of the occasional non-standard looking Transformer, then Berserker is well worth getting.

Rating: B+

Added: Since the contest I entered to win these figures for an early review was supposed to be about video reviews, I did one for this figure as well. Just a short one and just in German, though. Time to brush up those language skills, my English-speaking fans:
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