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Series: Studio Series
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Leader
Year: 2020


Overload is part of the Studio Series Devastator (SS-69) giftset.

Speaking of really weird robot modes, we now come to Overload. He would look rather standard in robot mode if not for these extremely wide shoulders with an extra pair of arms. The first thing I noticed about him, though, was the face. Especially that smile. Overload just smiles so endearingly, how can you help but love him? He emits such positivity and joy for life! Anyway, the robot mode looks pretty great, I love the design, but sadly the articulation of the outer pair of arms is pretty limited. Otherwise, though, a very nice robot mode. Great detailing and that smile… I love that smile. Overload transforms into an articulated dump truck, though much like with Long Haul the loading area is utterly fake and cannot dump, either. Neither can the truck bend in the middle, as the original vehicle can. Overload transports the spinning vortex thing from Devastator’s combined mode on his back, but you an just as well leave it off. So bottom line for Overload: I love the robot mode despite its limitations, but the vehicle mode is just serviceable, nothing more.

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