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Series: Studio Series 86
Year: 2021
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Voyager
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Robot Mode: I hope you can forgive me for not writing this entire review in the form of commercials and jingles, but I fear my brain would leak out my ears if I tried that. Anyway, here we have Wreck-Gar, a robot that looks like he jumped right off the screen from a showing of the 1986 Transformers movie. He is Voyager-class, meaning on the bigger side of things, which fits just nicely with the rest of the cast, and like most modern-day figures he has the full range of motion, including ankle tilt, twisting wrists, and even those nipple guns of his are articulated thanks to balljoints. Nipples and balls… there has to be some kind of joke here… man, my brain hurts.

The face is probably the most screen-accurate rendition of Wreck-Gar yet. Sure, the character in the movie had a longer beard, but this is still a toy that needs to tuck the head away for transformation somehow, so some concessions need to be made. It’s not just the face that looks very faithful, it’s the entire body. The only thing slightly off are the red spikes on his arms and legs, which are a bit long. They probably need to be, so that you can solidly attach Wreck-Gar’s wheels to them, but in the movie they were a bit shorter. By the way, Movie-accurate attachment of the wheels is left arm and left leg, but you can do it anyway you want. You can attach both wheels to the knees and make him do a Beast Machines Rattrap (see picture no. 17) or both to the end so he can play pushcart with Rodimus (see picture no. 9).

Wreck-Gar carries his signature weapon, a four-bladed axe that looks like it’s made from a hubcap (it’s not, see below), which he can also store on his back. The original G1 Wreck-Gar toy also carried a blaster, but given that he never once used it in the movie or cartoon, one can forgive its absence here. And speaking of G1 Wreck-Gar, the two toys are roughly the same size and Studio Series Wreck-Gar can ride on his G1 predecessor’s bike mode, no problem. Doesn’t work the other way around, but that’s an articulation issue of the G1 figure.

If there is one negative thing to be said about this robot mode, it’s that the swivel that allows Wreck-Gar to do an ab crunch is a bit loose, but that might just be my version, not a general problem. Otherwise, a near-perfect toy version of Wreck-Gar from the movie. Nicely done.

Alternate Mode: Naturally Wreck-Gar transforms into the same Mad-Max-esque motorcycle we saw in the Transformers movie. The transformation is pretty straightforward and the resulting bike is big enough for Deluxe- or Voyager-class figures to ride. Some nice details are included, such as the bike’s instruments being the back of Wreck-Gar’s robot head. The red spikes now stick out sideways, so you can easily imagine them being used to attack other vehicles, and Wreck-Gar’s axe attaches to the back… looking like a kid attached its wind wheel to daddy’s chopper. Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar did it better, just saying.

Overall the bike is nice, even though it does look a bit pieced-together when looked at from the side. It even features a double kickstand, so it can stand upright without any issues. So bottom line: a good motorcycle mode, faithfully reproducing Wreck-Gar’s alternate mode from the movie.

Remarks: Wreck-Gar was one of the new characters appearing in the 1986 Transformers Movie and appeared in numerous episodes in season 3 of the cartoon as well. Voiced by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame (in the movie, at least), he was the leader of the Junkions and talked TV. The entire language of the Junkions was pieced together from commercials, jingles and TV trailers they had picked up from Earth transmissions, which certainly made his speech rather unique. Oh, and kudos to the guys who did the German dub of the 1986 movie for faithfully replacing the English-language jingles in Wreck-Gar’s dialogue with familiar phrases from German ads from that time.

The Studio Series 86 went out to faithfully produce the characters from the 1986 movie in toy form and in that regard Wreck-Gar is a resounding success. Sure, his beard could be longer, the bike could look a bit more solid and have a better place for the axe, but otherwise there is very little I can think of that could be improved. So while I do intend to keep my Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar for sentimental reasons, if you’re looking for the most movie-accurate Wreck-Gar possible, this guy here is your bot.

Rating: B+
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