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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2009

Young and eager, Mudflap has wanted to be a full-fledged warrior under the command of Optimus Prime for as long as he can remember. He and his twin brother Skids traveled for years to Earth, just in the hopes of joining up with their idols. Being on Earth with Optimus Prime and the other heroes of the Great War is a dream come true.

Review by Ironhide77

Prelude: I've had Skids in my possession for quite some time now, so it past time for Mudflap to arrive as well. And whether or not you like the twins, their toy counterparts do not disappoint. Even though Skids is the better one. But more on that later.

Something I'd like to mention on the side: Skids will be available here in Germany in 2012 as the Opel City. The car was developed in the international development center in Russelsheim, just like Mudflap. The latter is not meant to be released in Germany, though.

Vehicle Mode: Mudflap transforms into a GM Study Chevrolet Trax. In the real world this car is a 4x4 with the rear axle powered by an electric engine. Just a side note. The car does have a few flaws worth mentioning. The side mirrors look somewhat strange and are colored light grey. The overall color is more like a kind of reddish brown rather than orange.

If you look at the side, you see Mudflap's arms sticking out. Not good, but not a big drama, either. Die windows are tinted, but transparent. Not much more I can say about the car mode. There is a little gap in the back where you can store the projectile for his weapon. Looks like a cloud of exhaust smoke, which doesn't really fit the CO2 theme. ;-)

Robot Mode: Looked at from the front, at least when you restrict your view to the upper body, Mudflap strongly resembles the bot we saw on the big screen. The head can be posed and is nicely sculpted. Mudflap also has finely sculpted hands, though they could be more posable. On his big arm only the thumb moves. If you press the fist into the forearm, his main weapon extends, which can shoot a projectile. Arms and legs are fully posable, by the way.

Speaking of legs, Mudflap has a very big problem to deal with: Pretty much the entire rear of his car mode hangs of his back as a giant rucksack. Parts of the hood and windshield hang down to his legs, which you can see even when you look at the front. Unfortunate, as Mudflap is pretty well done otherwise. Skids has a big rucksack, too, but not half as bothersome as it is here.

Since he's a great figure otherwise, though, I'm not deducting too many points here. I can recommend him still. There are a lot worse figures in the ROTF series. Rampage and Chromia come to mind. As a gimmick Mudflap has his extending cannon and if you press in his chest, he starts headbanging (just like Skids). Could have done without that.

Rating: The bottom line sees me awarding Mudflap a B- because of the rucksack. But like I said, if you've got Skids, you should get Mudflap, too.


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