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Series: Classics
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: Many fans have stated that Megatron looks far better when his alternate mode is a tank rather than a pistol and Ultimate Battle Megatron certainly proves them right. Nearly identical in looks to G2 Megatron, he is far more posable and better detailed despite his much smaller size. He carries his big signature gun on his right arm and a smaller gun in his left hand. The big gun can also open up into a kind of spinning claw, which is one of the nicer gimmicks I've seen on Megatron figures. If there is one beef I have with this figure, it's that he could have been a tad larger. As it is he's slightly smaller than the Deluxe figures from the Classics line. Still, a very good robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Megatron transforms into a green tank. Unlike other tank mode Transformers the tank's turret can rotate a full 360 degrees and angle upwards as well. The smaller gun from his robot mode can also be mounted on the turret. The detailing on the tank is also pretty nice. So all in all a pretty good vehicle mode with nothing to complain about.

Remarks: The reason for getting the Ultimate Battle 2-pack is definitly Megatron. A figure that is very good all-around except for his size (he should have been an inch taller), he is definitely worth adding to your collection. This is the toy G2 Megatron should have been in terms of posability and play value and he looks far scarier and menacing than the Voyager-sized Classics Megatron. Recommended to all Megatron fans.

Rating: B+
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