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Series: Alternators
Allegiance: Autobot
Year: 2007

Wisdom will always defeat firepower.

Robot Mode: Okay, the first thing I just have to ask: Where is the big orange spoiler on his back? Where is it? I searched everywhere and there is no big orange spoiler. This is scandalous! Hasbro and Takara will hear about this! Okay, now that I've got this out of my system, let's look at the robot mode.

Now the Alternators have a very high standard in terms of both detailing and posability. Rodimus doesn’t disappoint in either category. The look might be significantly different from previous Hot Rod / Rodimus figures in terms of how the robot body is put together, but with the color, the face, and the flame details, it’s clearly Rodimus (and the shoulder design can be found again in the Fansproject Protector). Posability is great despite the various kibble parts, down to an individually moving trigger finger on each hand. Oh, and something I forgot to show in the pics: There is a clear visor hidden underneath Rodimus’ big dark-red headband, which can slide down over his eyes. Nice detail.

There is one rather glaring flaw on this toy, though. Both the chest and the hip plate are part of the car’s hood (the rest becomes part of the shoulders) and just flip over his head to hang there. The plates don’t fasten to the rest of the torso, they just hang there loosely like an apron. Would it have been too much to ask for some way to fix them in place here?

Apart from that one glaring flaw, though, a superb robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Rodimus transformers into a 1:24 scale model of the Ford GT. Sadly we are, again, missing the big orange spoiler. Now this might be glaringly obvious, I admit, but Rodimus is actually the first Alternator where it occurred to me that they are of compatible size with the Human Alliance Transformers and thus can seat the HA driver figures. Hence Sam Witwicky of HA Bumblebee fame has volunteered to show you how comfy Rodimus’ cockpit is (you have to really wedge his head under the roof in order to get the doors closed properly).

Now whether or not you like the Alternators, there is no doubt that this line has created some of the most realistic vehicle modes in all of Transformer history. I’ve never seen a Ford GT, granted, but to the untrained eye this might as well be a mere model of that car and not a robot in disguise. Interior cabin, rubber tires with the front ones connected for steering, sculpted details, a license plate reading “Too Hot”, everything’s there. So without further ado, two thumbs up for the vehicle mode.

Remarks: Don’t think I need to tell you too much about the character of Hot Rod / Rodimus here. I think his Alternators’ form was the first time he got a proper Earth mode (not sure his Classics incarnation counts as one) and it fits him very well. This mold was originally created for Mirage, but I must say it fits the character of Rodimus a lot better. Unlike most other Alternators there is corresponding figure in the Japanese Binaltech line. Rodimus was instead made part of the Kiss Players line-up in Japan under the name Hot Rodimus. Now the less said about that the better.

Anyway, the bottom line is: One of the best vehicle modes in the Alternators line, along with a robot mode that is superb except for that one glaring flaw, for which I have to deduct points. But still, a clear recommendation for all fans of car Transformers.

Rating: B+


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