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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Leader
Year: 2007

Frozen in Antarctic ice for hundreds of years, Megatron is finally free, and his might will make the Earth quake, the stars fall from the sky, and the very pillars of heaven shake. As the most dangerous Transformers robot ever to stalk the galaxy, he has no known weaknesses and only one purpose - to capture the AllSpark and rule the Universe. Nothing - neither the humans' armies or his ancient enemy Optimus Prime - can stand in his way!

Robot Mode: While it holds very little resemblance to the original Megatron, the robot mode of Movie Megatron is nothing to scoff at. He looks powerful, dangerous, and menacing. From the images I've seen of Movie Megatron in the trailers, this toy does a fair job of representing him on the toy shelves. His posability is good (though it could be a bit better), his detailing is awesome (though he could use some more colours, or some shine at least), and he features two nice weapons. One is a whip that can shoot out of his right arm. The other is a fusion cannon that flips out from his left arm. One thing, though: In order to make both weapons work right, you need to take out the spring from the left arm (which prevents the fusion cannon from staying open) and put it in the right arm (enabling the whip to actually shoot out). Probably a mistake made during final assembly, but easy to correct. Megatron also carries his fair share of electronic lights and sounds, though I've heard and seen better. So all in all, a good robot mode with some nice features, but somehow lacking that little something that screams MEGATRON.

Vehicle Mode: Megatron's vehicle mode is an interstellar jet. Having crashed on Earth a hundred years ago, he never did scan an Earth vehicle for an alternate mode, so he remains with the mode he used on Cybertron. The idea is nice, but the jet... well, I really don't like it. It looks cobbled together, the head sits right on top (the face barely concealed by a little panel) and I can't really find anything I like about it. It does look like some kind of space vehicle, granted, but so does the alt mode of Energon Megatron, for example, and that looks a hundred times better. So to sum it up, a below-average vehicle mode.

Remarks: During his search for the AllSpark, Megatron crashed on Earth and was frozen in the arctic ice. Humans eventually found him and learned some of his secrets, enough to prepare for the coming of other Transformers. That is the prequel story to the Movie, where Megatron will (Suprise!) escape from his human captors and make them pay for thinking they could control him. As a figure Megatron isn't bad, at least in robot mode, but I simply don't get the Megatron vibe from him and his vehicle mode drags him down quite a bit. So as far as recommendations go, if you don't care about the vehicle mode and like the look of the robot mode, he's worth getting.

Rating: B-
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