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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Command
Year: 2004

My fists are deadlier than your guns.
Landmine is one of the most powerful soldiers under the leadership of Optimus Prime. His giant fists award him the strongest punch of all the Autobots. Many Decepticons have learned never to challenge him to one-on-one combat. In vehicle mode, he is a powerful construction vehicle with an enormous crane platform capable of lifting ten times his weight. Landmine's crane platform can attach to his cab in robot mode to form a super combination Brute Mode. This Brute Mode is the secret behind his powerful punch.

Robot Mode: Landmine is a very sleek and well-designed robot. Everything from the head to the arms, the chest, down to the legs looks good and goes together well. The feet are a bit oversized, but it doesn't hurt his look and gives him added stability, especially when weighed down by his powerlinked module (see below). Landmine is very posable, you can put him into all sorts of positions. Considering how massive a vehicle he becomes, it is amazing how sleek this robot looks. A very good mode with but one drawback: Landmine doesn't have any weapons in this mode (unless you reposition the smoke stacks on his shoulders) and, due to the pegs on his forearms, can't really hold most of the energon weapons that come with other Energon toys. Apart from that, though, straight A.

Alternate Mode: Landmine transforms into a combination of snow plough and tow truck. The actual robot becomes the front of the vehicle (the plough), which is on wheels, while the back is a separate module on tracks with the crane and a missile launcher on top. The entire vehicle looks massive and powerful, though not very fast. The front of the vehicle can also drive separately.

Partners / Add-Ons: The back of the vehicle becomes a separate module that transforms into a sort-of battle platform. Basically it just rises up a bit, but it looks okay as a kind of mobile cannon. The real treat is when Landmine powerlinks with the module. The tracks become extensions for his arms with dangerous-looking claws at the end. The module itself goes onto his back, the crane and the missile launcher jutting out on each side of his head as weapons. It gives him one hell of a blind spot, as he can no longer look sideways, but it does look cool. And the wing-like extensions of the module give him an anime-like flair. All in all, a very good powerlink mode.

Remarks: Landmine is one of those toys that doesn't look very good until you actually hold it in your hands. The toy offers a lot of play value in all its modes. I was a bit disappointed that he can't powerlink with other Transformers, but in his case that is actually an advantage, as it left the designers with a lot more freedom and they used it well. Landmine is one kick-ass robot and one of the best Energon toys to date. Bottom line.

Rating: A


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