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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2008

As mechanical beings, most Transformers can take an amazing amount of damage and still operate at peak efficiency. Autobot Jazz is no exception. Battered and blasted, he's still ready to bring the fight to the Decepticons and keep pounding away at the evil robots until teither he or they are destroyed. He is still a force to be reckoned with, equipped as he is with a powerful new weapon that fires bladed crescents of elemental energy sharp enough to slice through solid Titanium.

Remarks: Final Battle Jazz is a remold of Deluxe Jazz, so see there for the full review. Just a few words on the differences here. The most obvious is, of course, Jazz' huge new weapon. Unlike his other, rather simple pull-out gun/rifle, this one here is some kind of futuristic, two-sided mega-bazooka. One side unfolds into a really long rifle-like weapon. This version of the weapon fits best on Jazz' car mode, actually, or on his shoulder in robot mode (mounted on the rear spoiler in both cases), because it's a bit too long for him to use as an arm-mounted weapon in robot mode. If you turn the weapon around you have a sort of machine gun / minicannon with a sort of shield behind the muzzle. This actually looks a bit like the weapon Jazz briefly sported during the final battle in the Movie. This cannon doubles as a missile launcher, as you can put in the projectile provided with Jazz.

Apart from the weapon there are also some changes on the actual Jazz figure. Jazz' colouring is a tad lighter, but that might just be due to production and not intentional. He also features several signs of 'battle damage', all of which are tinted AllSpark blue. Not sure what the idea behind those is, really. They are mostly on his legs and head, so everything that is visible in the car mode features no damages.

Finally, if you remember my review on Deluxe Jazz, you'll remember that the thing that bothered me most about an otherwise good figure were the arms. Well, Final Battle Jazz has at least a minor improvement in this area. The arms still consist of the the halves of the engine hood folded in half again, but unlike with Deluxe Jazz the joint where they fold is a lot more stable and not double-ratcheted, so the armed hold together much better. Still not perfect, but a tad better than the first time.

I bought Final Battle Jazz in a little toy shop in a little town on the way to visiting my father-in-law. I normally wouldn't have bothered, seeing as I already own the first Movie Jazz, but I try to support small toy shops like that one whenever I can, so I bought the figure. I was pleasantly surprised. Final Battle Jazz is not a vast improvement and you certainly don't need to have both versions of him, but if put side by side, I'd probably choose Final Battle Jazz over the original Jazz.

Rating: B+
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