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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Fast Action Battler
Year: 2007

As Autobot weapon specialist, Ironhide is as tough as they come. Gruff, grim, and always ready for a fight, there's no problem he can't handle with the application of a little firepower from his cannon arm. Now that he's on Earth, he just hopes they don't find the AllSpark before he gets the chance to dent some Decepticon fenders.

Robot Mode: Mostly black on black, Ironhide's details are hard to make out except for the spots where they added a little grey to him. In design, though, he does offer some contrast. His lower body is done pretty well, lots of detailing, posable, the works. Just seeing him from a distance at the Hasbro press event, I first mistook him for a Deluxe figure. His upper body, upon closer inspection, shows you that he isn't, though. It's a pretty loose combination of the folded hood and the arms hanging from underneath the wheels. Posability in the upper body is pretty restricted, the arms can't exactly move around freely. They are made more for being put into position and then spun, as Ironhide has some spring-powered action in his waist. So all in all, a good-looking robot mode, but with some pretty hefty design limitations in the upper body.

Vehicle Mode: Not really much to say here. Ironhide becomes a black pick-up truck. He does a pretty good job of it, too, even if you'd never mistake it for anything but a kiddie car toy. Then again, that's what he's supposed to be as part of the Fast Action Battlers line, so really I have no complaints about him. A good, solid vehicle mode.

Remarks: I bought Voyager-class Ironhide today and even without having removed him from his package yet, I'm pretty sure he beats his Fast Action Battlers incarnation hands down. Still, FAB Ironhide isn't a bad toy and his target audience, which is a lot younger than me, will probably have lots of fun with him. He looks mean and tough and I'd say from his sturdy design that you can probably bash him around quite a bit before he takes any permanent damage. Just like the real Ironhide, I guess. Anyway, if you're looking for a good Transformers figure, look at the Voyager version. But if you want a fun little figure for your younger siblings or kids, Ironhide is your man.

Rating: C+

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