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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2008

Since the end of the war and the destruction of Megatron, more and more individual Decepticons have been appearing on Earth, chasing rumours that their leader still lives. Most choose to remain hidden from the Autobots, who have stayed behind to defend the world, but not Incinerator. He's actively hunting AllSpark enhanced Autobots, reasoning that one of them must know where Megatron is. When he catches an Autobot, Incinerator takes him on a little ride, swooping and diving dangerously, hovering over canyons and volcanoes, and generally terrifying whatever information he can out of his victim. When he's done, he just finds the deepest hole he can and drops his helpless prey in.

Review by LimeWire:

Prelude: Incinerator, one of the most anticipated toys of the Movie line. There is no toy with more talk, speculation, and discussion happening than him. To me he represents the ideal wingman to Blackout. Both are giants, both look brutal. Pure war machines.

I got myself the limited edition black version from Takare for three reasons:
1. I didn't like the grey colours at all.
2. Rarity. I think I can confidently say that I'm the first German to have Incinerator for his collection
3. The added mini-AllSpark, which is very detailed, but more on that later.

Robot Mode: To put that first: Incinerator has no hands. Neither can he fold the rotor blades forward to form some kind of gattling or laser cannon. As far as I can tell Incinerator has no ranged weapons at all. Maybe he's related to Stockade? More of a hands-on (or blade-on) guy than a shooter? Okay, whatever rocks your boat...

In terms of posability, though, Incinerator is king. He is extremely agile and can be put into all sorts of poses that give him a very mean look. He comes over even more aggressive, violent and scary than Blackout and that was one mean mother already. Seeing Incinerator in Transformers 2 would be a major highlight for me. Chopping up LA...

Incinerator's rotor blades can be spun here, too by way of the same lever. Looks cool, but doesn't make a whole lot of sense. What I don't like is that the alternate mode's long rear can't be folded away or taken off, but I guess they had to put the mechanics somewhere.

Vehicle Mode: Incineratior transforms into a V-22 Osprey, a kind of VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) helicopter hybrid with twin rotors, which can be turned 90 degrees. The toy can only turn them forward, the real thing can do it backwards as well. The rotor blades can be spun by pressing a lever on the rear, much like it was the case with Blackout. Looks pretty cool. We also have a fully functional landing gear.

Extras: Incinerator has a miniature version of the Allspark included as a gimmick. It's done with a lot of detailing and seems to be made from rubber or silicon. Unfortunately Incinerator has nowhere to put the Allspark for transportation. Landmine on the Autobot's side is more fortunate there with his big hands, or maybe Stockade with his huge haymakers.
Rating: A-
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