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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Real Gear
Year: 2008

According to Hacker X-3, there's no such thing as secret information. He looks at computer security as a personal challenge, not because he wants whatever's behind it for himself, but because he likes to share the things he discovers with the world. The Decepticons are fond of secrets, which bugs him, so he goes out of his way to share their private plans with as many Autobots as possible.

Remarks: Hacker X-3 is, of course, a repaint of the Decepticon Real Gear robot Power Up VT6, so look for the full review there. As is the fate of just about every single Real Gear robot of the Movie line, there came a repaint and it was called Hacker X-3. Unlike his predecessor Hacker X-3 is an Autobot, but apart from that and his paint job, the two robots are completely identical. Hacker here features some Allspark-blue, but he's not part of the Allspark Power subline as far as I know and his profile text doesn't hint at any Allspark involvement, either.

I'm not usually a big fan of repaints and pretty much the only reason I bought this one here is because it was one of those days where you went through half a dozen shops without finding anything and end up buying a little something just to make yourself feel better. Ever have one of those days? Anyway, it's still a pretty good mold and the new colours aren't bad, either. So if you like the Real Gear concept, you should own at least one version of this figure. I see no real reason to own both, though.

Rating: B

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