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Series: Movie AllSpark Power
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2008

Surly and impatient, Cliffjumper is almost the exact opposite of his friend Bumblebee. Where Bumblebee is sneaky and careful, Cliffjumper is just loud. He'd rather find the nearest Decepticon and blow him away than sneak around "gathering intelligence." If you know where the bad guys are, you really don't need to know anything else, reasons Cliffjumper. Why not just start blasting and pick up any date you need afterward from the smoking wreckage? With Megatron and the AllSpark destroyed, hunting Decepticons is easier - and more fun - than ever.

Remarks: Cliffjumper is a repaint of the "new" Bumblebee, so look there for the full review. Just a few notes on the differences. Cliffjumper is a straight repaint of Bumblebee, no changes were made to the actual mold. Cliffjumper is mainly red, with grey joints and silver applications on his car mode hood rather than the black racing stripes Bumblebee features. It is somewhat fitting that he's a repaint of BB, seeing as back in the days of Generation 1 these two bots shared the same mold and did so in the recent Classics series as well.

As figures go there really isn't much you can do to improve the Bumblebee mold and Cliffjumper's new paint job suits him well and somehow manages to make the entire figure look decidedly different. Bumblebee received a straight A from me, so I really have no choice but to give Cliffjumper the same rating. Every Transformers collector should own at least one version of this excellent toy. You have to decide for yourself, of course, if you need two different versions of the same figure, but if you are the kind of guy who doesn't mind the odd repaint now and then, Cliffjumper is definitely for you.

Rating: A

Update 2012-1-21: Reprolables made an upgrade set for Movie Cliffjumper to make him look like Thunderhawk, the vehicle of MASK boss Matt Trakker. Being an old MASK fan, I got this set, of course, and added the pictures to the gallery.
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