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Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010

There is a certain sub-harmonic frequency that triggers the fear response in most living things across the galaxy. Dirge has used this frequency for centuries, tuning his engines and his vocal processor to generate it. Fear accompanies him like a dark cloud, everywhere he goes. Even his fellow Decepticons feel it. He enjoys the feeling of power he gets, watching other robots quaking in fear at his presence, or fleeing at the sound of his engines.

Remarks: I had to make a quick count to be sure, but yes: this here is in fact my eight review of this mold. I started way back in 2007 with Classics Starscream and worked my way forward. And you know what? I don’t even own half the number of incarnations this mold has seen. So I hope you understand that I’ll keep this very, very brief.

Dirge used the conehead variant of this mold first seen on Classics Ramjet and a unique wing design that closely adheres to those sported by his G1 predecessor, lack of tail fins and all. The paint job is also a near-perfect match to that from his G1 days, so no complaints here at all. A very good depiction of the G1 Seeker.

Dirge is the sixth and final Seeker of those originally appearing (and receiving names) in the G1 cartoon, completing my sextet. He’s also famous for dying a lot. He was swallowed by Unicron in the 1986 Transformers movie, exploded after being punched by Ultra Magnus in Five Faces of Darkness, was blown to bits by Serpentor in the first GI Joe / Transformers crossover comic, blew himself up near the end of the G2 comic series, and was shot by Grimlock in the Classics comics from the TF Collectors Club. Oh, and what was probably an alternate universe Dirge was killed in the Dreamwave Armada comics, too. Amazingly this guy always manages to return somehow.

As a toy, Dirge is a good update of the original G1 Dirge and a nice variant of the Classics Seeker mold. Nothing more, nothing less. Get him if you want to complete your Classics Seekers, but don’t expect anything original.

Rating: B
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