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Series: Hunt for the Decepticons
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2010
Review by LimeWire:
Prelude: I should mention that, as of right now, no one really knows if this figure here is going to come with some kind of fancy new name. I should also mention that I originally bought him in order to canibalize him (hands, head, the staff...) - but I won't do that now.

Alternate Mode: The Fallen still transforms into the alien dreadnought-type space craft he used to, but now he carries Lugnut-colors, very cool! This alternate mode doesn't have any gimmicks or such and I've yet to find a place to stash his staff, but I'll keep looking.

Robot Mode: Here I must admit one thing: Hasbro, if you take your time to do something right, you really do it right - WOW!

The new head is a 100 percent match for the one seen in the movie and doesn't spare the details. Also, you can take off the mask, revealing the tormented visage of the Fallen after he enjoyed Optimus Prime's special face peeling technique. Additionally this new Fallen finally has proper, posable hands, able to grasp and hold his new war staff.

Did I mention that the head is fully posable? No? He is! The poses are the bomb, so I will not subject Lugnut... eh, I mean, the Fallen to the custom builder's death.
Rating: B+
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