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with Inferno

Series: Armada
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Supercon
Year: 2003

I fight, I prevail, I conquer!
A veteran soldier, Thrust was summoned to Earth by Megatron to reinforce Decepticon military ideas, and swiftly became Megatron's number two in command. Thrust's meteoric rise to the top earned him the lasting contempt of Starscream & Demolisher, who constantly strive to undermine his authority. Known for his lightning speed and advanced attack capabilities, Thrust will employ any means to win. Will arrogance and blind ambition cloud his ability to lead his troops to victory?

Robot Mode: Thrust is probably the worst of the Armada robots with the exception of Scavenger. He is misshapen, doesn't have any hands, and his looks are nothing to write home about, either. His posability is good, but that is pretty much the only thing. His powerlinx gimmick is also the weakest I have ever seen: He twists his torse 180 degrees and the wings of his flight-mode become a shield across his chest which can be made to spin by inserting the Minicon Inferno into his back. It's so ridiculous-looking I didn't even make a picture of it. All in all a pretty bad robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Thrust transforms into a jetfighter, or probably more of a bomber judging by its shape. The jet is more or less decent, but has quite a few problems of its own. Chief among them being the large slot for Inferno. Without the Minicon the plane looks incomplete. With him it looks too heavy. Bottom line: Better than the robot mode, but not by too much.

Partners / Add-Ons: Thrust's Minicon is called Inferno and transforms into a missile truck. Not too good, but possibly the best thing about Thrust.

Remarks: Boy was this one a misbuy. Thrust looked pretty good in the cartoon, where he played an important role (being the only character to join Unicron out of his own free will), but the toy... let's just say it doesn't live up to its TV incarnation. Recommended only for Armada completists, everyone else better leave it lying in the shelves.

Rating: D-


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