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Series: Hunt for the Decepticons
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2010

Review by LimeWire:

Prelude: Hello girls'n guys - this is my first pictorial review in English, so I really hope it's good enough for you. Let's get started: When I first saw this guy on a Botcon picture earlier this year I promised myself: Bought on sight! So I did it!

Alternate Mode: Highbrow bears a strong resemblance to the World War II Lockheed P38-Bomber. So this could be another Seeker in my own Movie-Continuity. The paint apps are really detailed and very natural with a strong helping of reality. Much better than a lot of other Movie toys with cheap paintjobs. Another strong resemblance is to a Star wars Pod-Racer, so it would just take a simple custom to let him switch over to the Lucas-Universe! You can extend and retract the landing gear.

The two turboprop engines on each side are huge and look very powerful. The engine blocks on the top of each are buttons to auto-rotate the props - very cool detail, copied from Movie Blackout and Incinerator, which could auto-twist their rotors, too. On his Wing he has two big miniguns and additionally a lot of rockets (or possibly bombs).

Robot Mode: First let's look at the head. When you pull down his mask, he looks very similar to Abe Sapiens from the Hellboy movies, super-cool and alien-like. Without the Mask he looks more human. Like all Voyager class toys with rotors (e.g. Blackout & Incinerator and their repaints) he's only as tall as a large Deluxe toy, very sad. But he is in scale with most of the other Movie jet-formers (except Leader Starscream, that is).

The arms are very short and have two modes: Rotor-Mode for chopping down his enemies, and normal mode for fighting with his fists or Miniguns, which can be held in any hand or be fastened to the upper legs. His legs are chicken-like with big claws on his feet, I really love the asthetics of them. Some people only fold them down to get normal legs, but a warbird is also a bird, so he should have chickenlegs.

Highbrow is not very posable, because he lacks a hip joint. Nevertheless I love this really tough guy.
Rating: B
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