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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Leader
Year: 2004

Join me and I will send you to battle. Defy me, and I will send you to Oblivion.
Megatron has been reborn. Totally reformatted by Unicron, he now possesses an intense arsenal of weapons that will make him an unstoppable force during the battle for Energon. In robot mode, Megatron fights his enemies with a remote triple-change tank module. In Gunship mode, he can use his hyper-power wings and rotating cannons to rain terror from above. Megatron's look has changed, but his goal of universal conquest remains the same. Beware, Megatron is back!

Robot Mode: In robot mode, Megatron is a dead-ringer for the G1 Galvatron. Less the toy version, actually, but more the cartoon and movie version. His body looks more streamlined (and is a lot more posable), his head with the crown looks almost exactly like Galvatron's, and even such little things like the button on his crotch (where the G1 Galvatron toy had the button to activate his electronics) are included. There are differences as well, though, su

ch as the cannons on his shoulders which can swing forward and the wings of his jet mode extending from his back. His tank drone attaches to his arm either as another large cannon or the handle for his sword. All in all, though, Megatron looks like the toy I would have wanted Galvatron to be. Large, powerful, and ready to blast Autobots into bits.

Alternate Mode: This is the first version of the Decepticon leader that transforms into a jet (except for that dreadful Machine Wars line). Though jet is really too little a word for the massive flying machine Megatron becomes. More like a futuristic bomber, really. His tank drone can ride on his back to give it even more firepower. Not as good as the robot mode, but still very good.

Partners / Add-Ons: Megatron comes with an auxiliary tank drone that is a dead ringer for the tank mode of the Armada Galvatron (who was transformed into Energon Megatron at the beginning of the Energon TV series). The drone can ride on its own, attach to the jet mode, or to the robot mode's arm as a cannon or a handle for Megatron's sword. The sword itself can be stowed away underneath Megatron's cockpit in both modes.

Remarks: When I first saw this toy I wanted to have it. I still think they should have called it Galvatron (as they did in Japan), but what's in a name? The robot mode is probably the coolest for a Decepticon leader yet and it's big enough to slug it out with all the larger Primes in the universe. I may not exactly like the way this character was brought about in the Energon cartoon, but the toy is one of the best villain toys ever made. Bottom line.

A scaled-down version of this toy was available as a Toys R'Us Exclusive. It's really a matter of taste whether you get this full-sized ones or the smaller version.

Rating: A

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