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Series: Hunt for the Decepticons
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2010

To say that Firetrap is enthusiastic about specialized ammunition is an understatement. He takes every chance he can to try out his unusual shells for his cannons. He's especially happy whenever he can spring strange munitions on an unsuspecting Decepticon target. It's just bad luck for Sunspot that he happened to be flying over right after Firetrap secured some brand-new anti-aircraft ammo.

Prelude: Firetrap is a repaint of ROTF Scattorshot in new colors. Brawn’s colors, to be exact, who is usually the Autobot running around in a brown-green paintjob. Since we already have a Brawn in ROTF, though, Firetrap gets to have an original name.

Robot Mode: Firetrap is a Scout-class figure of interesting design. His upper body is the rear end of his vehicle mode, his head sits between the two rear wheels. The front end of the truck becomes the legs, with the ramming plow (see below) dividing into his knees. He ends up with really big forearms, the driver’s cabin of the truck, but overall I find the design pretty innovative. Also, rather complex for a Scout-sized figure. Nicely done. No complaints in terms of detailing or articulation here at all, as Firetrap can bend with the best of them and I personally like his paintjob and detailing much better than that of Scattorshot.

For weapons Firetrap carries two big rifles on his forearms (I wrote ‘firearms’ by mistake, which I find hilarious for reasons I’m not really sure of) which can either swing forward to become hand-held rifles or backwards to lie against his arms for storage. Personally I’d have preferred them to be shoulder-mounted, but that’s just me and my fetish for shoulder guns. So overall, a nice robot mode with an interesting design and now flaws worth mentioning.

Alternate Mode: Firetrap transforms into an anti-aircraft vehicle with a forward ramming plow. The two big cannons are now on the roof and can angle upwards to fire on overhead targets, no problem. The vehicle fits together quite nicely and there are no visible robot bits to be found anywhere. Detailing is as good as can be expected on a toy this size. So bottom line: a fully satisfying vehicle mode, no complaints.

Remarks: Let us not talk about the affront to humanity that was the Revenge of the Fallen movie, but rather concentrate on the accompanying toyline and it’s direct successor Hunt for the Decepticons, where you could find more than your decent share of really cool toys (most of which didn’t appear in the movie). Firetrap is definitely one such toy and personally I prefer him to Scattorshot. He fits in well with some of the other military-styled Autobots from the Movie lines and his complete lack of media presence is just about the only point against him I can think of. He is certainly not a must-have, but he is a nice, solid toy with no flaws.

Rating: B
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