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Series: Last Knight Premier Edition
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Function: Tyrant
Year: 2017

When the spark of Megatron is revived, he rises to unleash a merciless vengeance on Earth. The ruthless Decepticon leader is more determined than ever to propel the Decepticons toward victory against the Autobots.

Robot Mode: Movie Megatron is back and once again he looks completely different, even when compared to himself in previous movies. This time, though, it’s definitely an improvement, as Megatron appears as a kind of demonic knight in heavy armor with a huge sword. Of course he still has his trusty arm cannon, or rather he finally has it, seeing as previous Movie Megatrons mostly lacked this essential part of what makes a Megatron figure. Not this time, though.

Megatron is a nicely detailed and articulated figure and one has to give the designers credit here for there being very little hint regarding his alternate mode. If you look really closely you can see the nose of his jet mode on his back, but that’s pretty much it (and hidden, too, if you store the sword on the back). The original promo pics gave him a few more colored highlights, but he does look cool in dark grey with some specks of gold here and there. A very nice visual on a nicely designed figure. No complaints at all, easily my favorite Movie Megatron robot mode so far.

Alternate Mode: Megatron transforms into an alien, science-fiction style jet, as he has done numerous times before, both in the scope of the movie toy lines and in others. Most of those jet modes were ... well, not good. In this particular case, though, the designers did a great job transforming a robot with almost no visible jet parts into a sleek alien star fighter. Okay, you can see the robot mode feet under the wings, but it doesn’t really hurt the look any. The rest of the jet looks sleek and has no visible robot bits, either. No landing gear, sadly, but that is just about the only downside. The sword can be stored on top and nicely integrates into the look. So bottom line: best Movie Megatron jet mode so far (which isn’t saying much) and really good. Thumbs up.

Remarks: To be perfectly honest I have no idea what Megatron was up to in The Last Knight, seeing as I haven’t seen the movie. I have no idea why he is called Megatron again after being rebuilt as Galvatron in Age of Extinction, either, or why he is back to being a jet, either. I don’t really care, mind you, as I don’t think Michael Bay or any of the script writers really cared, either. Anyway, Megatron was back in The Last Knight and... did stuff, I assume. Probably involving some cyber-magical McGuffin or other. Just guessing.

The toy lines of the various live-action movies presented us with some really great figures, but a good Megatron figure was rather hard to come by so far. The Dark of the Moon Megs wasn’t bad, mind you, but the rest of Megatron’s toy representations ranged from lackluster to pretty bad. Not so this time, though. Megatron’s Voyager-class figure is excellent and from what I have seen and read, the Leader-class figure isn’t bad, either. So while I have zero interest in watching the accompanying movie, I am glad that we are finally getting a really good Megatron figure in the movie toy lines. And it only took us ten years, too. Fully recommended.

Rating: A
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