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Series: Dark of the Moon Mechtech
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2011
Review by LimeWire:

Prelude: Boy did this figure get torn apart beforehand. Useless, a wheeled solar sail, etc. Me, I wanted it just for the Mechtech weapon. But first impressions can be wrong…

Alternate Mode: For the third movie, Optimus Prime still transforms into a Peterbuilt truck, of course. The vehicle looks a lot like its predecessor, Battle Blade Optimus Prime, but doesn’t really come close. Main reason being the rather unfinished looking paintjob. The roof and hood are transparent with some kind of solar cells underneath. A rather strange look and no comparison to the predecessor. The Mechtech ports don’t stick out here at all, though. I’m very much looking forward to the announced trailer. What does bother me a bit, too, are the rather oversized fuel tanks on the side, which look more like big booster units.

Robot Mode: The main point of contention. Let me put one thing first: if you transform this figure the right way, it looks great. You barely see the wheels on the arms, the proportions work well and I really like looking at this figure. Only downside: Optimus has two chest pieces, this could have been solved differently. The head’s on a ball joint, enabling proud poses. What’s missing in both poses is quite a bit of paint, though.

Gimmick: My personal highlight regarding this figure is his awesome Mechtech weapon. It’s big, it’s powerful, yet elegant. Very fitting for an Optimus Prime figure. Here, too, you can find the dreaded solar cells.

Conclusion: Great figure, greater weapon, but too little paint. Recommended!
Rating: A-
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