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Series: Age of Extinction Generations Collector Series
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2014

Optimus Prime and the Autobots are faced with a new kind of war. Alliances that once were strong now stand in doubt. Nonetheless, Earth needs their protection more than ever. Optimus Prime adapts, redesigning his alternate mode so he can move unrecognized. If he cannot fight the battle with firepower on the front lines, he can fight it with covert maneuvers from the edge.

Prelude: The official name of this toy is Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, but for the multi-language box it was sold in here in Germany the term was translated (using the term loosely). Thus the German name for this toy is actually “Missionsmodus Optimus Prime” (Mission Mode Optimus Prime) and the Swedish name is “Fintläge Optimus Prime” (Fine Mode). The rest is mostly accurate (boring).

Robot Mode: Optimus Prime is a Voyager-sized figure, rather slender, but tall. It is far more streamlined than previous Voyager-class Movie Primes, having no backpack and very little kibble. This is, of course, partially because of a much smaller truck mode (see below), but it still gives us one of the best-looking Movie-style Primes yet, in my opinion. Articulation is excellent, no complaints here at all, and the same goes for the detailing. One thing I really want to emphasize is the excellent paint job. A strong, deep red, a vivid blue, and even the grey parts are actually painted grey instead of being unpainted grey plastic. We have certainly come a long way from the desolate days of the Dark of the Moon toyline here.

For a weapon Optimus Prime comes with the shotgun-like cannon he took from Megatron at the end of Dark of the Moon to execute a helpless Sentinel Prime. Which also brings us to my one real complaint about this figure: the weapon’s handle. The shotgun features a pretty realistic-looking handle... which has a round handle attached to its bottom so Optimus’ standard fists-with-holes can actually hold it. This makes it look like he isn’t holding the gun so much as balancing it on his closed fist. Would have looked much better to either give Optimus the correct hands to hold the realistic looking handle or to get rid of that and just put the round one on.

Despite the weapon thing, this is one gorgeous figure. Great design, great proportions, no kibble, great paint job. So two thumbs up for the robot mode.

Alternate Mode: I can still remember the devastation when it was first revealed that in the 2007 movie Optimus Prime would not transform into a Freightliner cab over engine semi-truck, but rather the long-nosed Peterbuild 379 model. With flames, even. Countries fell to ruin, entire cities were swallowed by the Earth, and the sun didn’t rise for ten days... or something like that, maybe I’m not remembering it quite right. Anyway, all those who despaired over the choice of truck models back then can now rejoice, for they were always right in saying that a Movie-styled Optimus Prime can transform into the familiar boxy Freightliner semi-truck model.

It’s actually quite an amazing feat of engineering how the rather tall robot described above can fold his upper body together into what is basically a red square. Sure, the chest windows from the robot mode aren’t the actual truck windows (actually nothing on Optimus’ chest is anywhere near the truck’s front) but that doesn’t take anything away from this great bit of transformation here.

The truck itself is basically a recreation of the truck the original G1 Optimus Prime transforms into, and not really that much larger, either, despite coming from a rather tall robot figure. It has a double smokestack on one side instead of two single ones on either side, but that’s about it in terms of differences. You can stash Optimus’ rifle on the back or plug it in on top, neither option looks very good, though. I recommend leaving it aside. So bottom line: a very nice semi-truck mode. Superbly done.

Remarks: At the start of the Age of Extinction movie Optimus Prime is damaged and in hiding. To escape detection he has scanned a new vehicle form, a rusty old semi-truck, and is hiding out in an abandoned movie theater because... well, so that the human actors can make some lame jokes about old people diapers, sequels, and reboots, I guess. Anyway, later in the movie Optimus scans a much more modern, sleeker-looking truck, but this toy here represents his initial look and is, of course, homage to the original G1 Optimus Prime’s look. Also, a strong candidate for most repainted figure in the AoE toyline, as we already have at least seven versions of it between Hasbro and Takara-Tomy. Plus at least two third party upgrades for it on the way.

My dislike for the live-action movies (except the first one) aside, I really like this toy. What we have here is the perfect mix between nostalgia and the modern Movie style, plus a very nice paint job (not a given after the Dark of the Moon toyline) and no flaws except that gun handle thing, which is easily remedied. Just give him another gun if it bothers you. So the bottom line here: if you buy just one figure from the Age of Extinction toyline, buy this one (or one of his repaints).

Rating: A
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