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Series: Movie
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: DVD Box Prime is actually the largest of the Movie Optimus Primes, towering high above even Leader-class Prime. Of course he isn't exactly an action figure as such. Unfolding from the square form of the DVD Box, Prime is little more than a cardboard figure, rather flat, and not capable of much movement. He can move his arms sideways a little, that's pretty much it. He isn't meant to do more than that, of course. His main purpose is to contain the two-disc special edition of the Transformers Movie in his back. And that he does superbly.

Alternate Mode: Nothing much to be said here, he's a box. His only purpose is to fit inside the clear plastic package in which the DVD Box came. He's good at that.

Remarks: You weren't expecting a full figure review here, were you? This version of Optimus Prime is really just a special edition of the Movie DVD, a collector's box, so to speak. As such it is pretty fun, though, and while I'm not normally a big fan of special edition boxes, I really like this one. The DVDs are the same to be found in the Steelbox two-pack, meaning one disc for the Movie and one additional disc for the various specials and featurettes. Those are pretty good, by the way.

I ordered this special edition of the Movie DVD almost as soon as it was up on Amazon and thank God I did. The thing was sold out almost as soon as it came out and at this moment in time you can only get in on Ebay for about double the prize I paid on Amazon. So keep that in mind, kids! If you really want something, then order as soon as possible. I have no idea whether there are additional issues of this edition planned, but I wouldn't bet on it. Anyway, if you're a fan of special boxes, this one is for you.

Rating: A

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