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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - Beast Wars Series
Year: 2008

Description: The Beast Wars now arrive in the Robot Heroes 'verse and while I would have found it more fitting for Black Arachnia to be paired up with Silverbolt instead of Cheetor, I've seen the futility of complaining about the odd pairing choices in Robot Heroes. So Cheetor, the Maximal's young wildcat, is paired off with Black Arachnia, the Predacons' (and later Maximals') femme fatale.

Personally I like Cheetor a lot. He looks cartoony, cute, and the running pose fits him very well. They could have put a bigger, more innocent smile on his face, but apart from that, pretty good. I'm not a hundred percent satisfied with Black Arachnia, though. The figure looks okay overall, but I really don't like the pose. I'd have preferred a more aggressive one, because here she looks like a pretty doll, which isn't her at all. So all in all a good duo, but not perfect.

Rating: B
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