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Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Legends
Year: 2008

Robot Mode: Two things worth mentioning right up front: First, this figure here made me realize that today's Legends figures really aren't all that much smaller than some G1 figures were. G1 Hound is only a little bit bigger than Universe Legends Hound. And second, I don't think that Hound ever looked as grim in the original cartoon series as he does here. He has a very nicely sculpted face, but why so grim? Hound was always a rather friendly type.

Whatever the case, Legends Hound is very posable (much more so than the original) and pretty well done overall. He's missing the big missile on his shoulder and, just like pretty much every Legends figure, he doesn't have a hand weapon, either. Apart from that, though, I really can't find anything to complain about. A very nice Legends figure.

Alternate Mode: Just like he did in G1 days Hound transforms into an Army jeep. Die detailing here isn't as extensive as it was on the original, but still very nice considering his size. They even went to the effort of sculpting the interior of the car a bit. You can see the steering wheel and the gearshift on the inside. The vehicle is also missing the weapon it had in G1 days. In fact, if not for the General's star painted on the right fender, Hound could very easily be a civilian jeep. Still, overall a nicely done vehicle mode. No complaints here, either.

Remarks: In the first season of the Generation 1 cartoon series Hound served as the Autobots' scout and fooled the Decepticons more than once with his trick holograms. We haven't seen much of him since, though. His only appearance since G1 has been his Binaltech incarnation.

The Universe line will feature Hound at least twice, though. Apart from this Legends version here there'll also be a Deluxe version of Hound available. And regarding this little figure here: Well done, makes me want more. Universe has brought out a lot of very nice Legends figures already (at least those that aren't repaints from earlier series) and Hound is no exception. A very nicely sculpted face, very posable, no weaknesses. Recommended to everyone who doesn't mind the size.

Rating: A-
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