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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - Beast Machines Series
Year: 2009

Description: Cheetor and Tankor are the first representatives of the Beast Machines series in the Robot Heroes line-up (and in the 25th Anniversary series as a whole, too). Cheetor was definitely one of the main characters in Beast Machines and his Robot Heroes version captures him quite nicely. Cocky grin, a sword in hand (though he had two in the series) and a pretty good look overall that is a pretty close match to his animated counterpart. So while I'm not the biggest fan of Beast Machines Cheetor, the RH version does very nicely.

Tankor was possibly my favourite BM character. The former Rhinox, reformatted into an evil Vehicon by Megatron, made his own bid for control of Cybertron and, though he failed, he was at times far more impressive than Megatron. The Robot Hero version of him looks pretty nifty, though it's almost too lean. Tankor was a lot bulkier than he appears here. Apart from that, though, very nice. And I'm glad overall that Beast Machines got a piece of the Robot Heroes. A nice package.

Rating: A-
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