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with Incinerator

Series: Armada
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Supercon
Year: 2002

Stand up, keep fighting!
Blurr is a no-nonsense powerhouse of decisive action. His all-work-no-play attitude often places him in friendly but heated competition with Hot Shot. Equipped with ultra speed, precision attack capabilities and a special flight attack mode, something of which few Autobots have, Blurr's cool defiance in the face of apparent defeat make him one of the most awe-inspiring Autobots in battle, but are skill, discipline, and bravery enough to fend off the deadliest Decepticon attacks?

Robot Mode: A sleek and cool-looking robot with some balancing issues due to his heavy backpack, but overall very decent. His posability isn't that good, as he can't bend his legs at the hip or the knees, but I find myself liking his looks very much. He carries two weapons which he can use individually, merged together, or enhanced by his Minicon Incinerator. An overall decent robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Blurr transforms into a sleek sports car and here is where the name fits. You can imagine that thing streaking past you so fast it blurs. Blurr's car mode can be enhanced by applying his missile launchers and, additionally, can be converted into a flight mode by inserting Incinerator into his rear (did that sound dirty?). The resulting flight mode doesn't exactly look like it could ever really fly, but it's a fun gimmick. A very good vehicle mode.

Partners / Add-Ons: Incinerator is a Minicon that transforms into a formula 1 racer. As Minicons go he isn't too bad, but neither particularly good. An average partner for Blurr.

Remarks: Blurr was one of Armada's lesser characters, but nevertheless produced a very decent toy which is kinda hard to find. It took me forever to get him. His car mode is very good and his robot mode has decent looks, if some design problems. Overall a good toy recommended for Car-Transformers fans.

Rating: B


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