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Series: Generations Thrilling 30
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Legends
Year: 2013

These two Autobots both have a habit of digging themselves into holes. Groundbuster will dig into almost anything that's underground, holing up there to plot his next move. Autobot Tailgate never hesitates to dig himself a hole by making up stories of his exploits. He wouldn't even stop short of claiming to be one of the original Primes, if the occasion called for it.

Robot Mode: Tailgate’s robot mode is based heavily on the design used in the More Than Meets the Eye comic series from IDW (more on that below). He is largely a shell-former, as he carries the largest part of his car mode on his back, only his arms and shoulders actually become part of the car chassis. The kibble doesn’t really get in the way, though, and Tailgate is highly articulate thanks to ball-jointed limbs.

The one weakness of this figure is its plainness, as what little detailing the figure has is mostly swallowed up by the predominantly white and grey paint job. I like the way the legs are patterned, but that’s just about the only interesting thing here. A few more colored highlights would have worked wonders here, but as it is Tailgate simply looks boring. G1 Tailgate, despite being smaller and 27 years older, looks more detailed and intricate than this guy. So bottom line: an okay robot mode, but one that desperately needs some more detailing.

Alternate Mode: Tailgate transforms into a rather plain-looking white sports car with blue flames on the hood for details. There are very few other details to be found here, sadly. The exhaust on the back is a separate, unpainted grey piece, while the hubcaps and windows are also grey. That’s pretty much it. So bottom line a working, but pretty boring-looking vehicle mode.

Partner: Tailgate comes with Minicon partner Groundbuster, who transforms from robot into a skid loader and can also become a sort of grabbing claw (possibly for disposing bombs) for Tailgate to wield in robot mode or mount on his hood in vehicle mode. Not a bad Minicon, but somewhat oversized and awkward-looking as a weapon for Tailgate.

Modifications: I may have mentioned it a few times, Tailgate just looks boring. Thankfully there are stickers from to be had for him. In robot mode they add details to his legs, chest, and arms, while the car mode gets more blue flames, blue trim, and now just looks pretty cool. Fans of the IDW comics get to choose between putting “Bomb Disposal” or “Waste Disposal” on Tailgate’s arm / car door. In Tailgate’s case the Reprolabel stickers are a definite must. See last 8 pictures in gallery below.

Remarks: For the longest time Tailgate was just that white repaint of Windcharger, who had a blink-and-you-missed-it appearance in the G1 cartoon episode “Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5” and that was it. It wasn’t until James Roberts selected him as one of the core cast for his “More than Meets the Eye” comic book that Tailgate really became a character. Tailgate is from ancient Cybertron, buried and forgotten by everyone, with a new lease on life in the present. Little more than a child in terms of development, he spun tall tales about his past deeds and struck up a strange relationship with fellow ancient Cybertronian Cyclonus, who has since become something of a father figure for him.

As a toy Tailgate is necessary for completing your Lost Light crew (as far as that’s possible without there being a Rung toy), but fresh out of the box he’s pretty boring. There is nothing wrong with him as such, but he’s boring. The Reprolabel stickers go a long way towards making him look more interesting, so if you plan on getting this figure, do yourself a favor and order them as well. All in all, though, not a must-have. Only for fans of the IDW comics.

Rating: C (original) / B- (with stickers)
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