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Series: Generations Thrilling 30
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2013

Long before the burden of leadership was forced upon him, Orion Pax was a great thinker and an intellectual revolutionary. He spent his life plugged into a console sorting, parsing and filing historical data. As the world outside grew darker and more bleak, he saw hope for the future in his world's past. He saw, when no one else would, that Cybertron could once again be free - and he has clung to that dream even through the dark times since.

Robot Mode: In many ways Orion Pax is the Generations version of Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime from Animated. The two figures look rather similar (design stylistics aside) with no face plate, a single non-divided chest window, and both robots carry an axe. Oh, and Orion’s axe can easily double as an electric guitar, too.

The robot itself leaves no room for complaints, actually. Articulation is superb and there is almost no kibble to get in the way of his movements, either. The detailing on his body is very nicely done and the entire aesthetic, while clearly being Optimus Prime, also manages to convey the look of a somewhat younger, possibly more innocent robot. The only thing that slightly bothers me is that plate sticking up behind his head. It doesn’t hinder his head movements or anything, but I wish they’d included an extra hinge to make it fold down or something. But that’s just a little thing.

Speaking of the head, I was momentarily confused that there was light piping in the back of it, seeing as Orion’s eyes are painted. When I held the figure up against the light, though, I noticed that only the centres of the eyes are painted, so Orion has glowing “frames” around his eyes. Very nice visual.

Finally there are his weapons. The aforementioned axe (and he’s just bendy enough to wield it two-handed, too) and something that looks like the classic G1 Optimus Prime rifle, only someone really strong took it and squeezed it together a bit so it got shorter. Again, suitably mimicking the classic look, but not quite. So all in all, a very nice robot mode. Two thumbs up.

Alternate Mode: Orion Pax transforms into something that looks like a mixture between a truck and an old car. The transformation itself is actually rather similar to that of ROTF Leader Optimus Prime in that the legs become the long hood, though it’s a vastly simpler process, naturally. It’s possible to just transform the lower body, meaning you get a car chassis with the upper body of a robot sticking out on top, which makes for a funny visual.

Anyway, properly transformed the vehicle mode looks pretty good. The windshield doesn’t quite line up with the hood, but that seems to be intentional. I like the way they used those grey plates on the back, makes it almost seem like there’s some kind of rocket engine or something back there. Orion’s weapons can be stored on the sides of the vehicle, which isn’t the most elegant way of integrating a Transformer’s weapons into his alternate mode, but it works. So bottom line: an interesting, nice vehicle mode.

Remarks: Orion Pax is - in most Transformers continuities - the original name of the Autobot who would go on to become Optimus Prime. This particular version here is based on IDW's G1 comics Orion Pax. Well, one of them anyway. To clarify: the first we saw of Orion Pax in IDW was in the Blurr Spotlight, where Pax looked pretty much exactly like he does here. Later on in the Transformers Ongoing series, though, it was established through flashbacks that Orion, originally a police captain, looked very different and actually quite close to how he would later look as Optimus Prime (mouthplate included), despite those stories being set before the events of the Blurr Spotlight. In order to straighten out that continuity glitch, IDW published the Orion Pax Spotlight comic, which is included with this figure in the American packaging, though not the European one. Here Orion gets a new body for a special mission (this toy here) and later returns to his original body, which would then be upgraded into Optimus Prime in IDW's Autocracy comic. Got all that?

Complicated comic continuity aside, this is a really nice toy. It’s not like we are lacking Optimus Prime figures, even if you’re just looking at the Deluxe class, but Orion Pax hasn’t had many toy incarnations so far. And it’s a very nice incarnation, too. Great articulation, cool look, no flaws worth mentioning. So unless you’re sick of Prime (or pre-Prime) figures in general, there is really no reason not to get this one here. Oh, and bonus points for being among the first-ever Generations figures available at retail here in Germany.

Rating: B+
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