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Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010

Megatron rebuilds himself continuously. When the war first began on Cybertron, he constantly applied new modifications to catch the Autobots unaware and under prepared. His spies are always on the lookout for new tech that will optimize his body into the perfect war machine. He is the bleeding edge of technology on Cybertron, and his enemies will pay the price for not keeping up.

Review by Caked-Up:

Robot Mode: With the head sculpt - an image of power and strength - and the really huge gun, there is no way to mistake this guy for anyone but Megatron. The colors are spot on and the sculpting is great. His visage says, “I am a bad ass and I know it. Run in fear… NOW!!!” The most outstanding part of his robot mode is that you can mistake him for a robot replica. There aren’t any panel seams or kibble anywhere but his hands.

As for bending with the best of them, Megatron has some issues. His legs are great in every regard and the feet are super huge, stable, and posable. The arms on the other hand are just awkward. He lacks a bicep swivel, but has a forearm swivel. When you bend his elbows back they fold into a slot that limits movement. His hands lack any and all posability due to their construction. His head, though on a ball joint, is restricted by kibble. For some reason I can’t figure there isn’t a waist joint. Having a waist joint would not interfere with any part of the transformation or the alt mode. Despite these issues, he can pose well enough to display his mightiness.

Like the WFC Optimus Prime, Megatron is armed with his trademark weapon, a freaking giant fusion cannon. It isn’t as huge as the Classics/Henkei Megatron’s though. If you switch it around it could pass for a machine gun, but I like the fusion cannon better.

The Generations toy line has provided us with a great robot mode for Megatron.

Vehicle Mode: Megatron’s alt mode is basically a brick with a large cannon and the color scheme is simple and bland. It is a near perfect match for his in-game counterpart, though. The tank mode is solid from every angle but the bottom and perfectly disguises the robot within. His treads can be flipped down for a hover tank mode that reminds me of the Spartas tank from Robotech. My only true complaint is that the tank treads are wobbly when flipped out. Out of all of the Megatrons that do not have an Earth mode, this is again the most successful.

Conclusion: Generations/WFC Megatron is a solid figure who is held back only by his posability and that cost him some points. He has a clean and solid image in both modes and is very accurate to his in-game appearance. I recommend him to everyone.

Grade: B+
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