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Series: Generations
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2011

Assembled and raised in the scrap pile, Junkheap is a supremely resourceful bot. It was he who helped orchestrate the repair and reboot of the disabled Ultra Magnus. The mighty Autobot was so impressed with the talent of Junkheap that he encouraged Autobot Ratchet to spend an extended leave on Planet Junkion to hone his repair skills.

Remarks: I'm going to keep this short and sweet, seeing as I've already reviewed Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar and Shattered Glass Wreck-Gar, both of whom share this mold. Plus, I've got United Scrapheap still coming up, yet another Junkion using this mold. So yeah, this will be a short review. Junkheap here has gotten a new head, similar to Wreck-Gar's on first glance but actually a completely new mold with a shorter mustache, a visor, and a differently-styled helmet. He also got a new paintjob, being mostly red and yellow where Wreck-Gar was a mix of browns. And... yeah, that's pretty much it for the differences, folks.

Except for Wreck-Gar, none of the original Junkions ever got names. This model Junkion (his head-model, to be precise) appeared numerous times and was mostly identified in scripts as "Junkion 1". He was later called "Junkyard" by several Japanese publications and finally ended up Junkheap as a toy. A Junkion with a very similar-looking head actually was involved in the repair of Ultra Magnus in the 1986 Transformers Movie, as his bio states. The only problem is that Ratchet was already dead at the time, so Ultra Magnus could hardly have sent the Autobot medic to brush up his skills with Junkheap. Anyway, I love the Junkions, so I just had to get the other ones, even if they only differ in head and color. Junkheap is number two (not counting Shattered Glass Wreck-Gar) and Scrapheap's review (which will be equally short) will follow soon.

To sum it up: fans of Junkions recoyce, everyone else keep in mind that this is little more than a repaint with a new head. Make up your own mind.

Rating: B+
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