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with Rollbar

Series: Armada
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Maxcon
Year: 2002

Always rise to the call of duty!
One of the few Autobots who has been around as long as Optimus Prime, Scavenger has come to Earth on a secret mission to observe the Decepticons in order to gain more insight into their destructive ways. He was formerly an instructor at Cybertron's top military academy, and it is said that any student placed under his guidance is destined to succeed. Powerful, wise, and incredibly strong, Scavenger always puts his mission first - but can he fulfill his deadliest mission yet under the watchful eyes of Megatron?

Robot Mode: Scavenger strongly resembles his G1 counterpart (or rather the general look of the G1 Constructicons), both in his colour scheme and general build. He is much larger, though, and more powerfully constructed. His arms can be posed very nicely and the claw-like hands give them a cool look. His lower body is a different matter, sadly, and is practically immobile. Drawing him across the floor causes his “feet” (which he doesn't really have) to move, giving an illusion of walking. All in all, though, Scavenger in robot mode is better to look at than actually play with

Vehicle Mode: In vehicle mode Scavenger resembles the G1 Construction Scrapper more than his namesake, becoming a bulldozer where the G1 Scavenger became a power shovel. The vehicle looks like what it's supposed to, so no complaints here, and makes some decent sound effects when rolled across the floor.

Add-Ons / Partners: Scavenger is paired with Minicon Rollbar, who transforms from robot to dune buggy. When powerlinked to his hip, Rollbar can activate Scavenger's missile launcher.

Remarks: Scavenger as a toy isn't much to write home about. When I first saw him I imagined that they would bring out all six Constructicons as part of the Armada line, which would have made for a truly gigantic Devastator. Sadly Scavenger remained alone, though.

The reason I finally bought him was due to his part in the Armada cartoon, where he was pretty cool. A near-legendary warrior, originally thought to be a Decepticon, but really an undercover operative for Optimus Prime. A gruff and tough drill sergeant for the younger Autobots, watching him put that annoying Hot Shot through the wringer was a pleasure. Armada Scavenger turned out quite well so I decided to get the toy, even though I consider it to be far below average.

Rating: D-

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